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Heikki Hall of e*thirteen by T. Herb Belrose

Heikki Hall of e*thirteen by T. Herb Belrose

This is going to be one of the most amazing events ever held. Pyscho dirt jumping, live bands, beer, bear suits, and American Idol live band DEATHMATCH!!!


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We will release the final results of the poll and the official winner of our SSWC10 host country bid competition on Sunday…

Vote early and often.” Al Capone

For voting purposes, here is the list of previous venues:

1999: Rancho Cucamonga, CA

2000:Minneapolis, MN

2001: Port Talbot, South Wales

2002: Downieville, CA

2003: Castlemaine, Australia

2004: Berlin, Germany

2005: State College, PA

2006: Stockholm, Sweden

2007: Aviemore, Scotland

2008: Napa, CA

Rusell the Muscle Wears the Mark of the Beast SSWC09

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Timothy Herb Belrose 2009

Russell Zimmerman by T. Herb Belrose 2009

Our Friend Needs Your Help! NEVER MIND WE FOUND IT!

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Last night our buddy tragically misplaced his bicycle in Durango, possibly around Main or 2nd Ave.

It is a brown Shand 29er, steel frame, white industries cranks and hubs, USE seatpin, Thomson stem, Hope discs.

Update: Apparently Tom abandoned his bike on the side of the road and walked back to the hostel. He drank enough water to refill his cerebellum this morning and retraced his steps.

The universe is solid.

Bowling for Durango

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And it was good…

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Under the threat of darkening storm clouds, brave riders took off on group rides tonight from the Cyclery. Many of you from outside of the area are beginning to get a taste of the vast network of trails surrounding our village. Reports from nether regions have brought word that the rain has been good to the earth, and that fertile, tacky loam is waiting in the hills for fresh tires to grab.

somedudeIf you have any questions about where to ride, stop in to one of the local bike shops or just ask someone riding down the street. Perhaps start a chat with a person looking cool in front of a coffee/tattoo shop. There are some secrets we may not share, but you will get pointed in a solid cardinal direction.

In SSWC09 news today, a crew led by some dude with a sweet hat and epic shorts started building the finish line area. Several trailers were brought in during the dark of night and rumors now circulate that burning-man style welded contraptions and trambampolines may have been unloaded.

The locals have reported positive interactions with the immigrating SS population. One long-time resident even reported meeting “the coolest people ever” last night.

To everyone that came here with an open-mind, thank you. We look forward to sharing more of our dirt with you in the coming days.

herb belrose

RUN WHAT YOU BRUNG! (is now over)…

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Just a reminder: The Run What You Brung Handmade Bicycle Show was at The Irish Embassy on 9th and Main.


H-Ball was there and he claimed to have made this bike! WTF!!! Don’t miss the next event…


Weekend Information Sheet

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info sheet

Here is some info you might want to check out. This will be available in limited amounts at registration. Peace.

Oskar Blues Will be Around

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Welcome to our Living Room.

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timothy herb belrose 2009, sswc09

Jon Bailey by T. Herb Belrose SSWC09

The air is crispy on this fine southwest Colorado day. Tinted clouds hang over the San Juan Mountains. The SSWC09 race organizers are running in and out of the Durango Cyclery; hands full of flyers and cell phones, minds full of untethered excitement and paranoia.

For the past year, these fine gentlemen and ladyfolk have been shredding the dark days and grinding away the bright nights preparing for the apex of the Passion Productions’ race opus.

SS Riders from all over the world have made an exodus to Durango. This town means a lot of things to the world of cycling. I’d make you a list, but that is not why we have come here this weekend.

We are here because cycling is not all about riding bikes, it is about making a community: our beloved town welcomes you, the world, to our trails and our living rooms.

Please take a step back and appreciate all of the hard work that has gone into this event. Some of the finest artists, craftsman, photographers, musicians, designers, film producers, tattoo artists, brewers, mechanics, trail builders, businesspeople and all around bike haunches have put in 110% to make this thing fly sky high.

Forget about the race on Saturday and absorb all the culture and beauty that we have prepared for you in Durango. We love this town. Thank you all for coming to the wild west to hang out with us.

This is going to be one of the best weeks of our lives.

-Herb Belrose Media Coordinator/Rad Padder/Disgraced Derby Champion

Rides Start Today

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There will be a Hermosa Tours shuttle leaving from Buckley park today from 3-4pm. They will be doing the Champion down shuttle, which is a drive up Junction creek road to the Champions Venture Mine Road, just below Slide Rock. The ride is basically epic dh on the Colorado Trail. There is an hour long climb in the middle of the ride, but it is mainly the raddest dh around. Killer high country singletrack. Total time is 2.5-4 hours from top to downtown.

Then at 5-6pm, more like 6pm from the Durango Recreation Center, we will be doing a town shred fest. Kinda a tour of the town singletrack, to end at a sweet bbq at Seans house. Cant wait to ride.

Then live music at the Derail may or may not happen due to serious stuff.


This Guy Cant Come

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So far like 87 people have contacted us and said they cant come anymore. Here is Chris’s story.

Q: When did you register and how did the coloring go?
A: I sent the entry form off with about a week to go until the cut-off date. The colouring was something i’d not done for a long time and was a bit of a laugh. I should have got some better colouring equipment and being more imaginative with the execution after seeing some of the other entries!

Q: Did any of your friends get in?
A: No, all but one had big pre-planned things (weddings and other such stuff) that stopped them from entering. So that left me and my one remaining friend who were free to go. . This ended up just being me as he didn’t get his sh!t together and sort out the entry form. There was 8 of us at SSWC 09. This year’s preparations weren’t going well…

Q: Why arent you coming anymore? Describe the incident?
A: I went to Boston on a week’s holiday in April this year. Had a great time and didn’t want to leave. Got a phone call on the way back  from a workmate saying that i’d been made redundant and had 4 weeks of work left. Not what I wanted to hear, especially after having a such good time in Boston. I was working as a contract aerospace engineer on a rolling 6 month contract at the time. There were rumours that some of us were going. The company actually made the decision the day after I went to Boston and didn’t tell me until I got back cos they didn’t want to ruin my holiday. I’m glad they didn’t, but maybe i’d have spent less cash if I knew! I looked at it on the positive side – I didn’t really enjoy my job that much and it was a kick up the backside to sort myself out and find something better. Unfortunately, the big, bad recession was doing its big, bad thing – that and the fact that it was just myself going finished off my SSWC 09.

Q: What place do you think you would have gotten, between 1 and 1000?
A: Well I finished 160th last year, so at least that!

Q: Will you go if its in Hungary 2010? How about Italy, Canada or New Zealand?
A: Ive been to Italy and Canada, but none of the other places. NZ or Hungary would be cool! Ive got a long term plan in place on the job front, so SSWC 2010 is looking like its on…  

Thanks Chris and Bummer

sswc09 Final Course Map

Chris Wherry’s Last Pro Road Race this Thursday

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Local professional road cyclist, Chris Wherry will be racing in Dallas Texas this thursday for his last road race of his career. Then he’s shooting back to Durango to race SSWC09. Chris won the National Championships in Philadelphia in 2005 and had a super solid career with high powered teams, Toyota-United and Saturn. 

the mountain bike awaits

the mountain bike awaits

Q: How many years have you been racing road bikes? How many mountain  

bike races have you done?

A: I’ve been racing for 25 years on the road. I’ve done only about 15  

mt. bike races in my career but one was winning the inaugural Vail 100.


Q: What’s the lowdown on this last race of yours?

A: The last official race I’m doing for my road racing career is the  

Texas Tough USA Crit Series race in Dallas TX. It’s the biggest crit  

in TX but I wish it was in Boulder CO where I started racing. I’m  

still planning on racing local races and anything that looks like  

it’s gonna be a ton of fun. I’m just not gonna race full time  

anymore. Let the fun rides begin!


Q: What gear are you running for sswc09?

A: I have no idea. Probably whatever is on my bike now. Which I also  

don’t know the answer to. Is a 53X12 too big?


Q: What is your best mtb trick? Road bike trick?

A: I’m pretty low on the trick totem pole but I like to flick small  

rocks and sticks off the trail when I’m riding. I can only do it to  

the left though. Pretty lame I know. My best road bike trick is being  

able to adjust my barrel adjuster on my rear derailer while riding  

the bike. I’ve had to do it in quit a few races over the years.


Q: If you had an hour and a half to ride from town, what route would you

take with the 1×1?

A: I’d probably do Sailing Hawks then over to Hidden Valley, to Star- 

wars, to roots, to the new dump trail, to Spirt trail.


Q: What is your current 1×1 bike setup?

A: I’m riding a full carbon Fuji, Mt fuji model. 100m Rock Shox  

Recon. It’s pretty light and stiff  which is nice for SS’n. It’s a  

bike I got from the Toyota United team and just striped the parts off  

of it. Nothing too special.


Q: Do you want the tattoo?

A: Got to be honest, don’t have any tats and not really lookin to get  

one anytime soon. So no.

Beer Coozies

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Bike 29 has been knitting up these fine coozies for registrants of sswc09.

Bike 29 has been knitting up these fine coozies for registrants of sswc09.

Live College Race Day Radio

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Listen to the race live on Durango’s college radio station, KDUR, beginning at 10am saturday morning. They will be broadcasting live from the race start downtown in front of the Durango Cyclery. 91.9 and 93.9 fm are your dial options or press spacebar at

YESS Chain Tensioner Review by Elliott

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Elliott Saslow is a member of the Durango DEVO junior development cycling team. He is all excited about his pieced together singlespeed and will be the third youngest competitor in the race at 15. We would like to wish Elliott good luck this weekend.


I have been riding the YESS single speed chain tensioner and I have found it very useful and easy to use.  After setup the first time I have been able to keep my chain on without woriies.  A few strong points are that there are a few different settings depending on how loose the chain is, and how one of the cogs does not have teeth. This allows for some movement in the chain side to side.  Overall this chain tensioner works extremely well  and I would recommend it to most people.

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Stomparillaz sending DBalet to shoot photosKA

Stomparillaz sending DBalet to shoot photosKA

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Raider Ridge

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Breathtaking views and mind wrenching rock track

Friday’s Spin to Win with New Belgium

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Fridays top secret party at the Ella Vita development will take place from 5-10pm on friday night. We previously announced that it was to be an over 21 event, and now we are pulling a switch-a-roonie and saying it is a all ages event until 8pm. You can pick up an information sheet at registration on friday to get directions or you can show up on the friday group ride 5pm at Buckley Park and do a little ride to get there. Please bring some money for dinner as we will have 5 local food vendors serving up grub from 5-9, and bring money for beer as we will be collecting for our 4 sweet non profit bike programs, Durango DEVO, Trails 2000, Fort Lewis College Cycling and Bicycle Lemonade. 

We are not going to just feed and drink you to stand around and talk for 5 hours, there is other stuff to do. The doors open at 5pm, 5-7 New Belgium will have their art bikes to test ride, 530 is the Hill Climb comp where you ride a short steep climb and highmark wins, 6pm Black Market Elecrtic plays, 6pm is also the foot down competition with the winner getting a sweet Republic of Doom cycling vest, 630 is the Continental Skid Contest and Bunny Hop World Championships, 7pm is the Gravity Boys freeride demo, 730pm is the Preliminary Hosting Competition with The Tunnel on the drums, guitar and vocals, 730 we will give away a New Belgium cruiser, 8pm the Soft Hands will play and 9pm French Miami will give us all sweet dreams. So Stoked.

791 men, 187 women registered to race

791 men, 187 women registered to race


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