Date for SSWC09

Yes it is true, a date has made itself present. September 16-20th 2009. Registration and other technical questions can be answered in January. This is our time now to make magic. So please keep your stained, custom SSWC08 panties in a bunch.


20 Responses to “Date for SSWC09”

  1. i can’t wait!!!

  2. when will registration be open for 2009 sswc and where will i need to go to register.

  3. Sweeet,

    I got my magic ticket from one of you fools I met @ the shitters in napa.

    Now you just need to get some of the local big boys (ned, tomes, etc) to offer up their domiciles for housing drunken, stinky, SS’ers.

  4. I’LL be wearin my tightee whitees with pride!! see you in 09

  5. who is bringing the chamios cream?

  6. Oh yes…. Nacho shall return.. I got’s me a magic ticket ..

  7. Nekkid Dave Says:

    must …… ride……. worlds….

    Benn missng since 2002, I just may return with some fools from Arkansas.

  8. I won’t show up but I will give you my favorite URL for 10 month!
    … well now that Bush is gone soon I might even think about showing up …

  9. […] Termin für die Singlespeedweltmeisterschaft 2009 in Durango/Colorado wurde festgelegt! Die jährliche Wallfahrt findet vom 6. bis 9. August statt. Wie meistens wird […]

  10. Scoty in Salida Says:


  11. If you are down under in April 2009 come and join us at the Pig & Whistle New Zealand Singlespeed Championship in Rotorua. We have a pub as our main sponsor and a brewery as associate sponsor plus some great trails to race/ride on.
    2008 was a blast but 09 will be bigger and better.

  12. […] SSWC, NCCSSR, and a truly hard corps event SSWC returns stateside, August 6 though 9 in Durango, CO.  Event usually sells out (I’ll say) but […]

  13. Time to start sewing up a costume.

  14. jacquiephelan Says:

    Boys I have a unique request, hope it doesn’t seem preposterous.
    In the interest of keeping SSWC raunchily pure, could there be a rule where by…the only sponsors allowed to contribute
    are the ones who can prove they pay less than 10K/yr in taxes? I figure that should sift out the big the bad and the heinously corporate.
    Wouldn’ t mind feedback on this.
    Part of the reason I wore a business suit in the Napa 08 SSWC was because I am not happy about the cherry picking by pro racers, and pray that a ‘randomizing element’ can be re-introduced, so the fastest man and woman aren’t automatically the winners…they and a dozen each of the top men/women have to do one more contest. Any ol thing…
    Thanks for hearing me out.
    It’s just that I watched fat tire racing go from incredibly fun to Big Biz, with folks like Chiotti and Meierhage tainting the fame.

  15. Damn! I just want to get in, I don’t care who kicks my ass in the race.

  16. bikecharlie Says:

    Yeah, and can you guys make sure that I win, and that global warming is solved during the event. Preposterous, yes.

    For the record I prefer to nearly die (from tiredness) at the event and I don’t give a damn who sponsors (as long as it isn’t the auto industry). The big boys of the industry are still riders, they still really like bikes. Not to many people are in this industry to make money.

  17. HAay thatz my birfday! hoorAY post burning man?

  18. Phil from Portland Says:

    Cool. I can’t wait. See you there Katie. I miss you.

    -Phil that stayed in your house

  19. My Misfit is ready but not my legs! OOps, gotta work them out!!

  20. Fleerolob Says:

    proc ne:)

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