Team Republic of Doom Takes Pologeist

In a dramatic championship game, team Republic of Doom overtook the Denver Broncos by a score of 6-5 to take the Pologeist Cup. The ROD team of Jon Bailey, Doom and Brendan Vahey took an early lead of 4-1, then the Broncos fought back to even the score at 4. The last 3 goals lasted well over 30 minutes as the teams dug deep to earn the winning goal. In dramatic fasion, the ball bounced across the line on a ricochet shot by Doom. Third place went to Team Pork Barrel of Portland who outshot team Hammer Time to take a 5-2 victory. Josh Woodard of Pork Barrel led the charge with 3 goals in the title game, his third hattrick of the tourney. The 5th place title went to the Batwinged Bastards of Durango and Flagstaff. Chuck D of Flag regrouping his team to comeback from an earlier injury on teammate Dustin, and scoring the last two goals to seal the victory.

Thanks to Oscar Blues Brewery for the venue beverages and Durango Cyclery for the hospitality. The tournament was aided by the entertainment of opening ceremonies act by The Tunnel, color commentators, Tricerahops, Terrina, Chad, Darren, Brendan and Rev Phil. Thanks to all who attended and added to the killer event.

results; pologeist-results 


snake oil

snake oil


3 Responses to “Team Republic of Doom Takes Pologeist”

  1. whogotfourth Says:

    no mention of fourth place?

  2. well, lets see… i have a word problem for you. get out your calculater.
    if you take the 3rd & 4th place teams & let them battle it out for 3rd place, and you have 1 winner & 1 loser of that match…. then what do you have?

    answer: a 3rd place team & a 4th place team

  3. I demand a recount!

    i think it is possible that josh scored FOUR hattricks.

    thanks for the lessons, we hope to elevate our game appropriaely

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