We Have Added On

Passion Productions is pleased to announce that we have added the Tour of Durango to our weekend of scheduled events. As of now, the big showdown will take place on Saturday morning with the Hosting Competition to take place that evening. Sunday will now showcase Durangos’ tasty singletrack with the Tour of Durango. The event is a non-competitive ride that encompasses the towns linkable trails with a downtown street party to conclude the day. The dates again for our thingy are August 6-9th.

3 Responses to “We Have Added On”

  1. Shannon Galpin Says:

    Okay – I’m blond and thus probably missing an obvious link SOMEWHERE to contact you guys… but since I can’t find it I’m leaving a comment in hopes one of your amazing crew will find it and thus help my conundrum.

    I completely spaced sending in my application for the sswc and am wondering if there are any more spots left for chicks riding their 29’ers this fall. To be fair – my excuse is a good one – I’ve been working in Afghanistan. AND – planning to take my Niner back with me this fall to ride a few trails if all goes to plan. The plan was to fly out the week after the Durango ss fest…. but then I realized that the app was never actually mailed in the impending chaos.

    So….. all this pathetic explanation to inquire if there is any way possible to score a spot at this late of date?


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