Update on SSWC09

We have been looking through tons of old bmx plus mags, and now are feeling good about things. For those of you with spoke cards from Napa, listen up. We will be posting a reg form over to the right on January 4th. You will then print it, write on it, color on it, and send it and your spoke card to our mailing address. You will get an entry if you send us your spoke card. 

For all those without spoke cards from Napa, you need to keep waiting. You will not get screwed, so please be patient. We love you too much. Seriously.

These are the other things that are for sure so far; amazing insurance, beer, and 6 guys who are stoked.


18 Responses to “Update on SSWC09”

  1. Sounds like extortion, but do what ya gotta do!

  2. R A W K I N …

  3. Sweet! I have a spoke card….Nanny-Nanny… yes, I’m kind of a grown-up.

  4. wtf…so if you got screwed out of going last year because you had plans on New Years, you are even more likely to not get in this year.

  5. kevin bacon Says:

    I heard the events surrounding SSWc09 are supposed to be off the CHAIN! I also heard that your not doing a jan. 1st internet registration. I talked to one of the crew at Napa and she said that everyone in the world can come as long there down to embark upon pure amazingness wrap into a bottle of cycling heaven!!! I also heard none of the Durango crew that went to Napa were pre-registered in the race. Not only did they all race and hit every kicker on the course but also dominated the hosting event. DAMN!!! Sounds like maybe one should worry more about getting to the event then registering. Is this true?

    i’m down with that.

  6. ya boy! i can’t wait for the fun to start!!!! durango it was from fred’s well! don’t cry over new years plans my friend. just bring your single chain line and an appetite for a sweet sweet sweet time in south western COLORADO! enough said.

  7. Nice Bicycles Says:

    Seriously though, what’s the deal?? Right now I am refusing all offers of New Year’s revelry because I’m planning to be sitting at a computer at midnight, trying to register for 09 online…!

  8. i’m excited and bummed. i am excited about sswc09 and hopefully getting in. bummed because i couldn’t get into napa even though i had been to the previous 3 sswc events. i really hope i don’t get shut out again.

  9. Hey – we better be able to just ship up – it’s a damn long way from Wales in the UK! Seriously though – it should be amazin’ – everyone who turned up without entry in Napa got to ride – you shouldn’t worry! As for new years – I’m going to be in serious training for Durango – if you know what I mean….

  10. hey if I send you my tightee whitees complete with skidmark will that suffice for lack of spoke card?

  11. I definitely be there one way or the other. I stayed by the computer last yr to sign up just past the hr only to get shut out because I was an american male from CO. This year I’m just showing up and drinking heavily, if they let me ride, so be it. Can’t wait to head down for the fun!

  12. I want in now.

  13. I was excluded as well last yr but i’ll be damned if i don’t get into sswc09! can’t wait

  14. same here, couldn’t get into 08 but redemption in 09! when when when is registration?!

  15. Hey-

    My best buddy, my girlfriend and me want to race real bad! I’ll also bring some swag for prizes and whatnot. Super stocked you guys won. Had tons of fun this year and I hear good things about the Durango crew and racing and dope outfits. See you there…..


  16. P-Town Funkadelic Says:

    What’s the big deal? You think they’re going to have bouncers out there on the course tackling poachers? Hells no.

    If they do, they better be ready to be Tased, bro. Cuz I’m coming packing heat, Neo-conservative jackboot style!

  17. patiently waiting…

  18. jacquiephelan Says:

    Married, footloose old bat seeks space and transpo for self and NEW DeSALVO (or is it nude E-salvo?) bike to Durango from Marin County.
    Please leave a message at jacquie@batnet.com will obviously cover gas expenses using precious SierraNevada Pale Ale + hot air conversion factor.

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