September 16-20th is SSWC09

Sorry friends. We had several mishaps in the scheduling game and we had to make a bigtime switcheroonie. August 6-9th is no more. September 16th through the 20th will be the new and last date to remember. The riding is way better at that time of year anyway, so be stoked. Sorry to all you school teachers and school kids, you may have to call in sick or get a sub. Remember that Sunday January 4th, right here, we will post the mail-in registration form and the address. The reg form also doubles as a coloring contest, so do your best and get creative with it, as those who do will be rewarded. For all you overseaers, do not worry about the mailage time, your distance will be compensated in the collection process. The specifics of this process will be better defined in the days to come. Hope you love the new date.

4 Responses to “September 16-20th is SSWC09”

  1. […] by my own sobriety and creativity come Sunday, January 4th.  Registration at that time opens for SSWC 09 in Durango, CO.  The boys hosting the gala made a strong showing in Napa last year and will […]

  2. Still good! Me and a couple of friends from the Philippines will still be able to join and get some riding done after, then we head to the Bay Area after then fly to Vegas!

    Terry Larrazabal Bike Festival

  3. can i give my entry to my bro cuz i can’t make it and he was to cover my shift at work. so in essence he would be me and i would be him?

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