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Serioux Things to Knox

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      We are accepting film entries for the 1×1 Film Festival on friday night. Films of 7 minutes and under will be shown at the Smiley Theatre, with the audience picking a winner, and then the winner scores bike stuff.  There will be a preliminary hosting competition during the intermission of the films. Those wishing to bring the race to their country must be in attendance. If you want to host and you cannot make the date, get a representative for your country. The films must be singlespeed related and information on submission will be here soon. People submitting films will get a spot in the race with their entry. Hermosa Tours will also making sweet high country shuttle dreams come true with four tasty 3hr rides with totally normal people. 10-20 bucks a head for the dream. Housing information is the next sentence. The Durango Hostel has limited space and sits just 100 yards from the course. This is prime location. It isn’t big so if you want a piece, click here and save a spot.  So far we are setting up a host housing contact and have a dorm on the Fort Lewis College dorm that will be available for 15 a night. We have no hotel or motel info yet but you can do Gateway Reservations at their computer port zone and get something started. The race will begin on the streets of downtown and most events will be on the 13th block of main avenue, with the post race party and final hosting competition being south of town. So stay in town and bring yer blinkies for commuting. There will be no car parking for any event. Car drivers could become subject to hazing throughout the weekend. There is also a black and white photo contest at a local art gallery. The content must be singlespeed bikes only and no male nudity. More info on the specifics of the contest will come later. Cycling industry people will have the chance to partner with the event through numerous partnership opportunities. The specifics to that are also coming soon. The race is coming soon too.

This Was Our First Race

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Spring of 2006 was our first venture into the one by one stage race funness.  The Clippership Rally was good business.

BunnyHop Comp

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….at the Zombie Ball.

Stay tuned for information on the 1×1 Film Festival. Friday the 18th of September will showcase singlespeeds on the big screen. We are asking for submissions of under 10 minutes. You and your camera.

That was Sweet

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So far there are 656  dedicated athletes on the start list. Thats cool. Here are some good ones.

These Guys Are Not

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We’ve been contacted by Rotgutzen Beer to be a part of SSWC09 and we are not taking the bait. It is all to often that sweet sweet things get targeted by these big beer butts. It is worth taking a look at the crime they attempt. Only then can we really see the good that is in front of us. By the way, we had a meeting with post race venue folks, and amazing will happen. rotgutzen1

The Dirty Dirty

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Its in September not August

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Remember we pulled the ol’ switch-er-oonie on the date from August to September. Also for planning purposes, it is the weekend right before the Interbike trade show in Vegas. Just checkin.