SSWC09 Registration Information

Sorry for now, and your late.


button is for all the overseaers who have been having a tough time getting 35US bones together.  This is for foreign folks only. There are still 37 spots available for folks across oceans. Or people from islands, and Canada. If you are not from overseas and you push the button, we buy gear and goods for our weekend with it.



35 Responses to “SSWC09 Registration Information”

  1. hell yeah dudes!! lets do this!!

  2. Funny video!!

  3. scoty in salida Says:


  4. Paintrain Says:

    There you have it. I hope to see you all soon.

    “all bikes are good”

  5. it is nice to get rewarded being a girl… ;o)

  6. I propose there be a special womens tighy whitey category implemented called “Granny Panties.”

  7. My artwork and check are in the mail, left Flagstaff Monday afternoon. Paintrain, you representing Fanta Se or Flagpole come Sept.?
    mg (small) hammer

  8. Yeah ladies, let’s represent!! (in all areas, including the arts, sports and leisure…)

  9. i luv durrrangHo SO

  10. Any international folks figured out how to send a dollar cheque yet?
    My bank wanted to charge 18 english pounds for the service, which almost doubles the cost.
    There are banks in the uk which will do dollar cheques for no charge I think, but I don’t have an account with any of these.
    Looks like I’m sending a travellers cheque for 50 dollars, as there are no smaller denominations available. Extra 15 will have to go to some form of booze fund.

  11. Chad, you have real pretty eye lashes

  12. scoty in salida Says:

    Gullo, yer goin’ Down 🙂

    Whadaabout SSWC09 Durango guys setting up a Paypal account for the overseas pedalers?

  13. yeah, gullo is goin down. i started my training regimen yesterday.

  14. thelooseone Says:

    Yep + 1 on what Tom says, my bank want £20 to send over a dollar cheque or money note. Short of sending over hard cash I don’t have many options. What say you SSWC09 crew??

  15. i kinda figured you wuoldnt want to handle anything i had actually touched with my bare hands

  16. P-Town Funk Says:

    I need a payment plan. $35 is quite reasonable, but the state of the economy isn’t. Can I put my reg on layaway? 🙂

  17. i’ll be taking vw scott and ek down with me, way down

  18. Scoty in Salida Says:

    Ek, Your training must mean yer swilling Lite beer!

  19. Bootleg Courier Racing spent all evening ‘creating’ our registration. Art show please!

  20. Hay so they say I’m somewhere in the charge of this here sswc09, all that means is that i try and call bailey and tell him, broke ass bike loverz alive in this world right now, ought to be able to paypal and lay away. All of these things can coincide with the coloring contest, so doooon’t worry about it! KEeep colorin’! we’ll get it sorted. . thanks m

  21. thelooseone Says:

    thanks for the paypal set up SSWC! Form on its way…

  22. I don’t EVER read the directions… I saw that DONATE button and just couldn’t resist.

  23. sweet I wish I had a printer at home to get my registration in now….Will do it asap….

  24. Do you accept PayPal for international rider?

  25. Do you think you guys are running organized chaos or is there really no organization to it? Where the hell am I sending this thing again?

  26. thanks!! just hit the donate buttom and send out the reg form… might take few days to get there….

  27. Check zee StompaBlog & zee mail.

  28. WTF? So I missed the deadline because I have been out of the country for months and had not heard from anyone that there was one and if there was I did not expect it to be 8 months out from the race, it’s single speed for Havans’ sake. Anyways is there any competitive entry or else way to get in at this point? If not I guess that I will have to poach it and win it. Single Speed For Life…

  29. Keith Marchando;REDNECK Says:


  30. velomuse Says:

    someone mentioned that women’s field has a reserved on-site registration quota. is that true?

  31. all girls are welcome

  32. Are there registration spots still open?

  33. My bud is registered and can not make it. Is it possible to take his spot.

  34. I will not be able to make the event. I was on the start list but even tho i have over 120 hours of vacation time – my boss won’t let me take anytime off of work until after 10/30/09….something about some big software deadline i have to make… boo! 😦

    I hope someone else will be able to use my spot!

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