Fair Enough

Nice work to all who those who made magic to their D9. 

The colored entries have been amazing so far. The pictured entry is the lamestess thus far.

The colored entries have been amazing so far. The pictured entry is the second worstest one in the batch. The worstest is all scribbly blue above.


7 Responses to “Fair Enough”

  1. Skye Kraft Says:


  2. Sweet! I don’t even mind the misspelling!

    Thanks Pals, see you in sept…

    TaRik Saleh

  3. scoty in salida Says:

    True story from my old place of employment in Flag:
    Hi, I have a problem with my 1967 VW bus.

    me: Does it run?


    Me: Do you have a large field?


    Me: Might wanna start diggin’ a big hole with a D9 CAT.


    Me: So you can drag the VW into the hole and bury it.

    Oh, I see.

    Months later:

    Hi, I called you a few months ago, my VW bus wasn’t running.

    me chuckling: Yes, I remember, about the field.

    Customer laughing: I should have taken yer advise about the D9 CAT, it would have been cheaper.

    Months later I was working on said D9.

  4. whats wrong with that middle toe?

  5. P-Town Funk Says:

    My shit went into the mail Sunday. I hope I get a spot because otherwise this race is going to be a cakewalk for Ned and Travis.

    I’ve put so much work into prepping for this… I’ve been riding twice a week, melonfarmas!!!!

  6. pixiemayhem Says:

    help me! I’m just a little pixie and I can’t find a list of names…is it on here on in your heads?

  7. Courtney Gregory Says:

    Is that really Ned’s entry?

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