Groundhog Says, “its big as $#!+”

Thanks for being patient. 



9 Responses to “Groundhog Says, “its big as $#!+””

  1. Dear Potty-Mouthed Groundhog,

    So, hypothetical speaking, what happens if I didn’t make the cutoff and show up anyway? Anychance of getting in on the up and up, or do I have to scribble a number on tarot card and stuff it in my spokes and join in on the sly? Do tell, do tell!


  2. Sweet. I should start training. Or drinking. Or something…

  3. So stoked! Thank you.

  4. After we’re on the list, what happens next? Any registration info, etc? Thanks!

  5. Drinking is Training!

  6. HAy as far as I recall, DUHranGO doesn’t have much of a legal load limit enforcement agency; viz. the more the merrier. No one will be sad or mad or bad that you showed up after not getting on the start list, in fact, that’s the truer-est SS m.o. fuck it! get after it anyhow! see you there!

  7. Eric Schmitt Says:

    Thank you so much for adding me to the start list!

    Just let me know who gets the case of beer i promised!


  8. Aron Yevuta Says:

    i’m pumped to be on the start list but i’m listed as a woman:
    Steve Erickson 39 male birmingham, alabamba
    Aron Yevuta 30 female new martinsville, west
    Ruthie Matthes 36 female durango, colorado, usa
    i’ll wear a wig and pull the “tuck back” from silence of the lambs if that’s what i’ve got to do, i just don’t want to leave any mysteries.

  9. So…Are there still spots left?

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