Working on Things


now just sit back, relax and let us do work.

now just sit back, relax and let us do work.

5 Responses to “Working on Things”

  1. Is that twin J Bailey’s?

  2. P-Town Funk Says:

    Come ON already! You guys can’t make September 14th come any quicker than THIS? Pathetic!

    (You guys are doing a great job… I’m taking notes, actually. We gotta get some shit going in Prescott, AZ!)

  3. Jon Bailey steals peoples tools.

  4. kevin bacon Says:

    When you leave your “tools” somewhere and don’t pick em up, and they are still there. I don’t think thats stealing? more like you owe me rent. They’re goofie tools that don’t make any sense anyways.

    just kidden double d-time, I’ll send them ASAP.

    love kevin

  5. Alright, shammed on a technicality, Kevin.

    Dude, I’ve been working on some riffs. The next time we get together to play, it’s gonna shatter windows, create smoke, attract police, women, children and melt panties. I’m not kidding. Well maybe about the children part, they’re gonna run away screaming and crying to their mammys.

    And those tools make sense to me … C-clamp, pipe wrench, wire cutters and a magnet. There might even be a onie/bat in there somewhere. What more do you need!?

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