HBall’s SSWC Bounty



          Former NORBA Single Speed National Champion (1986) Greg Herbold is excited that the 2009 Single Speed World Championships will be held near his home outside of Durango, Colorado. However the lack of European entrants surprised and puzzled the former stock bike trials champion. “The Euro’s passion and heritage of the single speed bicycle is unprecedented, and their ability to suffer regardless of horrible riding conditions, terrible food selection, poor fitting and fashionably hideous cycling outfits, and overall lack of deodorant, usage make them a perfect fit for single speed supremacy. And besides the way they express themself’s in English is very entertaining  …and lets face it..they haul ass on bikes”.  Herbold spends much of his time roosting greater Europe and considers it “a great place to ride over historic places” in his adventures as a special agent for SRAM and living the lifestyle as an international cycling celebrity. 

 To encourage more Euro participation HB has offered the following opportunity for 2 lucky riders from across the pond:

  •  -complimentary  SSWC entry fee.
  • -1 all you can eat and drink meal at a pub of HB’s choice.
  • -5 vintage MTB t-shirts.
  • – A personal tour of HB’s Roost Missile Ranch, including an approved MTB artifact to take home.
  • -Constant heckling and abuse by Durango’s finest riders and personalities.

The first two Euros to comment on this post will get an email to see if your legit herboldair911-phspt

19 Responses to “HBall’s SSWC Bounty”

  1. I’m an Ami. living in Germany and have been to something like 5 of the SS World’s but just can’t swing it this year. I even have a spoke card and team mates living in Durango. I think that the combo of the low Euro, the long distances to/from Durango to a large airport and some other things have combined to keep Euro attendance low. It’ll go back up once it’s back abroad though. Have no fear.

    HBall’s never called me when he was here and I can pee off of cliffs too! 🙂

  2. “ability to suffer regardless of horrible riding conditions” – living in England we have no choice.

    “terrible food selection” – I love it so much I always vacation in Florida LOL! 🙂

    “and overall lack of deodorant” – didn’t I mention I’m English 😉

    Shame I don’t own and have never ridden SS. I can always build one.


  3. Lucifer Project Says:

    Damn… For a minute I wanted to be Euro; a fleeing moment.

    I just threw down some tasty Russian food for lunch… Not terrible by any means, but the smell of my burps… Holy shit. If they smell half as terrible as they taste they are so thick I could build a second land bridge across the Bering. Word to the wise: Say no to cabbage.

    FYI- Just because I loathe deodorant doesn’t mean I am Euro or that because I am from Washington State I am hippie. I just dig my own “organicness…”

    Gotta go! Just burped again. The fumes are melting my “N” key a d the var ish is peeling off my desk. U til ext time.

  4. I´m from eastern Germany originally and once planned to come over to SSWC in Colorado. But it seems like I missed the entry. Last chance via your challenge? Right, here Iám by accident.

    Am i in?

    btw: you looked fast once. at keast on those old pics. I can´rember how you looked in kirchzarten in 1995. But i was there.


  5. Oi! Nowt wrong with Europe, especially the UK. It’s just that Durango is a little way from here and you don’t have enough mud over there to make it fun. Oh yes – you have sunshine instead – forgot about that!

  6. I guess the the previous 2 comments don’t really count, ’cause they’re not coming to DURANGO. So I thought, I leave a comment because if things work out well, I’ll be there. I’m even on the list. I’m the only singlespeeder from Hungary. Although I live in the UK, but that shouldn’t change anything.
    Looking forward to all the nice words from Durnago’s “finest riders and personalities” 🙂

  7. No incentive for guys from Asia? 😉

  8. well, I’m hoping to get over there. I dare say the lack of entrants from this side of the swamp is thanks largely to the hiding the pound is getting at the moment, plus a lot of people made the trek last year and let’s face it, it’s not the sort of place you need to visit two years in a row 😉 Anyhow, count me in as a contender for the above if I’m allowed – Aussie in the UK…

  9. I’m registered under the name Denis Chazelle. I do live in the US most of the time (green card, not a US citizen) but I’m as euro as they come. Including the use of deodorant, dumb stereotypes not withstanding.

  10. Dude,

    Does a Bavarian living in Durango count? – w/ a Euro passport not like your #1 responder. It has been a few years that I left the Loisachtal / Garmisch to follow you, John, Ned and the Grewals and DRO is home now. I’m on the list already to race but if you want to refund the entry and blow it at SKA w/ me – sweet. It has been some time since our last drink together…

  11. I’m registered under the name Denis Chazelle. I do live in the US most of the time (green card, not a US citizen) but I’m as euro as they come. Including the use of deodorant, dumb stereotypes not withstanding.

  12. Help: my comment in spam hell.

  13. rabbitgirl Says:

    Ha, well, if there was the promise of a queue you’d most likely get loads of Brits! As for the weather thing, yeah we’re adept at riding in mud and rain but the chance of sun and DRY trails ohhhh…I’m breaking out my tea cup and saucer at the thought! ;p If you could now arrange for the £ to rise against the $???

  14. rabbitgirl Says:

    PS I did enter (late) and even paid!!! So do I *now* get to come and play legit?

  15. Dammit, too slow.

  16. Kia ora Greg,
    How about some H-love for the Kiwis???
    We’ve got a great pic of you, my partner Carolyn and photographer, Graeme Murray at the photo exhibition GM organized at the 2006 UCI Worlds in Rotorua.
    Ten of us went to Napa last year (three entrants) and we’d love to come back to Durango in 09. But if you think the Euro is low against the US dollar, check out the NZ$…
    Anyway hoping to get the NZ men and women champs up there in September, at least…
    kind regards
    Graeme Simpson
    Rotorua Singlespeed Society

  17. […] part of SSWC09’s Euro Promotional Program. Pete has been choosen because he rsponded to the blog entry back when. We cant really remember what the whole deal was, but HB and Pete get to hang out a couple days, […]

  18. I went to florida this year and it was great. I can recommend it to everybody.

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