Transport to SSWC09


Napa-Burning Man 2008

Napa-Burning Man 2008

 By bike and be turned into a modern day hero, instantly. More details soon.

One Response to “Transport to SSWC09”

  1. That’S WhAT we’re Dang Right Talkin’ ABout Kids!!!

    Well just for the record, the STompariLLaz, this one in particular, support, seeing not only this country by bicycle, but your country, our country, the rest of the countries, all the countries, that comprise the land making up this fine planet. You know, some time. .

    For the otra record, I did proceed on the most glorious SSWC08 warm down tour, from seattle to brooklyn, aka the slowboken tour, via burnin’ man. . But now, upon celebrating my two month anniversary in Brooklyn, as well as at BrooklynBikeandboard(.com . . aand
    today we started a Ladies cycling Squad, as well as a MenZ PoloPony squad, all of whom, along with support crew, roadies, and the bandZ, will be traveling to Durango by train, or possibly octopus. At least that’s the plan stan WHOOHOO

    Inquiries invited at the Fastyfierce.blogspot where the FastYfierce cycling Squad is about a minute old..

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