The Tour of Durango

Hello friends. We are stoked to present to you our sunday action for the SSWC09 weekend. Sunday September 20th is the Tour of Durango, a non competitive 360 degree tour of Durangos’ town trails. There are three different routs to choose from and they all end at a closed street downtown party around 3pm. Booya. This will be a good event to do after saturdays face peeling race. The TOD also offers a running version on the same day if you want to run. The event is a benefit for the local non-profit Trails 2000 and is super family friendly. You can check it out here. tod-final-logo-final


One Response to “The Tour of Durango”

  1. I heard there’s a rollerblade option, is that true? How about a Rollerblade, longboard, tallbike, SOUNDbike, longbike, slowriden’ option? Maybe with a motivational frisbee golf swimming hole rendevouZ thrown in for good measure? see you in a few!!

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