SSWC09 Housing Updoggie

So Check this. Fort Lewis College has 35 double occ rooms, two twins, sheets, towels, hall bathroom, no pets, no alcohol, at $50 a night. Email Raquel at to getcha a spot. More rooms may be available starting June. This is a first come, first serve dealy. College will be in session, could be a sweetly funny scene. The college is a dry campus, so be prepared. So far all the other housing options are over $100 a night! Dang. We are working out our host housing kinks as well, and will reveal soon. Us sswc09 organizers highly recommend this housing option for its sunsets, singletrack, location in proximity to events and fun potential. Camping in town is still being figured out. Junction Creek Campground would probably be the best option but its like 7 miles from downtown. Have a nice day and be nice to Raquel or else.

2 Responses to “SSWC09 Housing Updoggie”

  1. Schorsch Says:

    How about Camping? Any chance of roughing it while I’m there?

  2. Skotty2wo Says:

    Camping in Durango is not readily available, closest spot would be Junction Creek Campground : – a few miles out of town. Organizers are hoping to open up some camping possibilities in the future, stay posted. Also there is a new Hostel in town that is cheap and right in the mix of things. Some yard camping may be available, check with Raquel…

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