SSWC09 Event Magazine

We need submissions for our event magazine. Letters to the editor can be submitted by emailing with your questions, comments or concerns. We will pick the decent ones, and stick em in the mag. We also would like to ask for submissions of past sswc photography or written word. Make it happen and email us. The deadline for this stuff is May 18th. The event magazine is a 54 page bible-like keeper that each of you racers will receive when you get yer number. We are only printing 2009 copies. Information on advertising prices will be out soon for those interested.

2 Responses to “SSWC09 Event Magazine”

  1. Mike Miller Says:

    Is there anything a local single speed rider can do to find a way to register for the SSWC? There doesn’t seem to be any registration info on the site.

  2. Yeah Mike, you have to make a short film for the 1×1 film festival at the race in order to get in now. registration was long time ago, check back through the blog posts for the coloring registration form and so forth. . peas

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