News as of Tonight

Its getting close my friends. Here is some info.

We need people who want to run adds in our event magazine to contact us asap. Email if you are interested in having action in the 54 page normal size zine. Adds are $200 and can be written off as we are under the umbrella of a 501c3 non-profit organization. The magazine will be free to all entrants of the race and will act as the event bible as well as a little slice of the US singlespeed bike culture. Don’t miss out please.

We need some more film submissions for the Friday night 1×1 Film Festival. Its going to be a blown out event, so again dont miss out on this opportunity. 

The housing situation is going to get hectic, so plan ahead. Contact for college dorm, and host housing info.

We are still looking for a cycling friend to do the pancake breakfast on friday morning at the downtown Buckley Park. If you are interested, let us know. We help set up the stuff, you man the cakes and serve the masses.

3 Responses to “News as of Tonight”

  1. Correction to the Email address: it is

  2. Team Anton Says:

    Is there an area campground that is welcoming us with open arms?

  3. not really, we wish. contact our housing coordinator and get some yard to crash.

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