Run What Ya Brung

The NorsemanAnother event makes itself present on Thursday September 17th. Sponsered by local tuber, Norse Cycles, the Run What Ya Brung Handcrafted 1×1 bike show will give a looksie into the race vehicles of the grand strong SSWC09. The show will take place at the Irish Emabassy located on main street Durango, from 4-7pm. This will be a free event for both viewers and entrants. The only rule is that show bikes must be handbuilt and raced during the weekend. One bike per builder and approx 20 spots are available. Contact Tom Joyner at to reserve a spot on the showroom.



4 Responses to “Run What Ya Brung”

  1. Hey-

    I’m bringing a brand new (isn’t even done yet) Retro-Tec with custom parts, custom paint, costom mojo.

    Can it get it the show?

  2. you have to contact Norse at

  3. I’ll be there with/on my eDoz. It comes back from Spectrum this week! Eric will be racing his, too.

  4. I would like to get in on one of those spots that are left.

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