Course Test

Rumor has the course being tough. Thats true. There is a walking section and tons of riding sections. The course is still top secret and we must ask you to let go and trust that we are doing the right thing. Tips for you would be, get real good, think about running suspension, get some gears and have fun getting ready for the World Champs. 

Testing the Course

Testing the Course

12 Responses to “Course Test”

  1. Yeah, nothing like a de-lish hike-a-bike to get one stoked!

  2. Sinn Fein Says:

    So the course now includes a climb up Engineer?

  3. I love a nice hike with all my SS friends. Can’t we have a beer stop on top.

  4. What mean “suspension” ?

  5. All of the east-coasters have no idea of the terror that awaits on the other side of this monolithic beast.

    I recommended full suspension, body armor, full coverage insurance for bike and body and fourteen cigarettes to smoke at the bottom.

  6. Baddcog Says:

    Yes! Durango and SSWC this year. Gonna be fun.

    But I can’t find any info for registration or anything. Anybody?

  7. well said my friend

  8. make sure you have it if you want to hold a beer after

  9. Get some gears? How about squeezin a 50cc engine in there too!

  10. How many laps?

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