Start List as of Today

Here is who is coming to the bike race. 8-1-09

Make sure to email for host housing questions. Bill will be your volunteer man at Get your films to us asap, email us at with questions. Get ready to have some fun.

6 Responses to “Start List as of Today”

  1. Eric Gordon Says:

    Trying to figure out the best way to announce a ride share. So I’ll give this a try. I’ll be driving out from Northern California either Monday or Tuesday and have room for somebody, their bike and their gear. If anyone is looking for a ride, give a shout.


  2. I have a question: If you are signed up to race but think you might now make it, can you give your registration to someone else who wants to race instead? Can it be anyone of your choice? How does one go about the transfer if it is okay?

  3. yes. contact us and wham, done.

  4. Just lost my job so there is a sudden availablility in my schedule. Is it still possible to register for SSWC09. I could even purchase and deliver a keg of Four Peaks Kiltlifter Ale from Tempe if that would “grease” the wheels at all?

    Let me know

  5. I’d love to be able to get in the race. Might be the only time it’s close enough to attend.

  6. Eric do you still have room in your car?
    I am in San Francisco but could meet you anywhere.
    email or call
    415 640 3970

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