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Bike Polo September Sunday 20tits

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its in the bag

its in the bag

By now you have learned that the Tour of Durango has been cancelled for the sunday following the big sswc09 race. We are all bummed, but we have moved on and made an even cooler day out of the cancellation. A bike polo tourney will take place. Not hardcourt polo my friends, but real grass bike polo. Three games on one in town field will see action beginning at 10am. A grand final 4 will take place downtown at 2pm to crown the champion. We will supply around 300 mallets, so bring your own if possible.

Trailwork on Wednesday

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Show up at this certain spot around a certain time and you could possibly get clues on the course. The local trail wackers, Trails 2000 will be doing work on a certain section of the course. 4pm wednesday.