Its Getting Hot in Here » _12C4103

working hard on this thing


7 Responses to “_12C4103”

  1. Am I the only one looking at these freaky SSWC09 blog updates or the only one bored enough to make a comment!?

    As they say in the sumo world, keep on single speedin’!

  2. i’m right there with ya man. got this sswc09 news flowing into my rss reader.

    now we are just wondering if we’ll be able to camp in town?

  3. this photo makes me so sad. no organ, the drumset is in pieces … what the fuck has happened to the space? at least my tools aren’t taking up any real estate now…. what about my fly rod? anyone? hello? why must i lose so many things….. should have stayed in Durango… i will shut up now.

  4. I just love the thought that my work of crayon and construction paper a la 2nd grade is somewhere on that wall.

  5. dirtypiggies Says:

    I am stoked to go but need more info on where to camp near venue. Yeah it’s hot in here too, I am coming from Phx.

  6. read the Raequel interview

  7. not legally, but its totally dooable. email Raequel to find a yard to camp in.

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