Friday Film Fest Fancelled

Yep its true. What was originally planned as a friday night BBQ/film fest/prelim host comp at the downtown Smiley Building has been cancelled. It began as an idea of spreading the passion of the bike and ended in silly insurance and liability stuff. Very important, but not what we were looking for. So we have battled back and created an even more sswc-like event for friday night. At registration on friday, downtown, you will receive a map to ride to a top secret party location where we will supply beer and dinner for a small price. Several of our favorite eats in town will be set up to slang their goods. Its surrounded by sweet singletrack and this is where the preliminary hosting competition will be announced. All those wishing to host 2010 must be present. mag copy  updated schedule


3 Responses to “Friday Film Fest Fancelled”

  1. Sinn Fein Says:

    Old land fill, concrete pad? Will Karen Carver be in attendance?

  2. wicked

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