SSIT09 Clashes with SSWC09

The Italian singlespeed championships have been causing us some grief. It appears they’ve double booked the world championships in Durango on Sept 19th. We are pissed and need more time to sort this problem out.

The evil SSIT09 promoter

The evil SSIT09 promoter, Drago Duilino

12 Responses to “SSIT09 Clashes with SSWC09”

  1. eric cudmore Says:

    Just to let everyone know, I also want to host sswc 2010 but in Prince Edward Island, Canada. It would be the first time Single Speed Worlds would be held in Canada. Also, I am a brewmaster by trade so getting lots of delicious beer would not be a problem. We have sweet single track for you to enjoy. Watch for me dressed as Anne of green gables in Durando. Sincerely yours, Eric Cudmore. P.S. We have a loads of world famous lobster.

  2. to bad their race will not even begin to compare to ours. at least they will have good cheese and wine there i guess.

  3. Italians ride bikes?

  4. dirtypiggies Says:

    This guy is ‘Plastic Man’ from the, Justice League! I thought he denounced evil. Oh no Plastic Man say it aint so!
    His Alter ego is Patrick “Eel” O’Brian and can stretch and shape his highly resilient body into any shape he can imagine (thats hot). Possible immortality!

  5. We apologize to have organized SSIT09 on the same exact dates as SSWC09 but we decided months ago and our race is quite local… nothing to compare to the worlds …. Apparently this year is easier to enter the race but last year was quite impossibel so many europeans haven’t keept hollidays to be in Durango…

    We’ll have execllent food wine ad beer from our friends of Panil Beer

    Yes apparently we ride bikes from more than 100 years…..

  6. Hey Spiedo, racing i finale ligure, especially with you funny folks of los lobos is indead coparable to any sswc, for we are going to have a lot fun and some awesome racig for sure. It only is on the “less vacation time & less money to go” -side for us europeans not gifted with time, money or simply a race entry for Durango.
    And as a sidenote, I leave you a comment on the facebook-event. Couldn´t we start and race at the very exact time like in the worlds in Durango? Wouldn´t that be funny and ad some cosmopolition attitude towards the worlds?
    Anyway, see you initaly in about 4 weeks and I ´ll hopefully bring some new friends…

    cheers & abusivo! Basti (zurigo)

  7. I don’t think that’s really such a big deal, like Spiedo said most euros didn’t figure they could get in this year, and a location like Durango (as sweet as it is!) isn’t exactly the most accessible place for international travelers. I would say that the reason the SSWC09 roster is almost 100 percent Americans has nothing to do with SSIT.
    And yes silly, Italians ride bikes, and they know how to have a hell of a good time!!

  8. the clash is over

  9. no worries. the small local races are the best.

  10. nice, so far we have NZ, Italy and Canada, who else?

  11. eric cudmore Says:

    Not exactly sure why Captain Howdy thinks Canadians are “douchebags”, but we are coming to the race race just the same. And yes, we are going to try and have sswc in Canada soon. Unless the captain was joking, I’d say he has small balls and is trying real hard to make himself feel secure. Either way, since we canucks are nice and polite people, Mr. Howdy is still very welcome to attend any race in Canada.

  12. pics from finale? maybe that helps


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