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Raequel the Housing Coordinator, the Interview

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Cruising Tough

Cruising Tough

Q: Your husband is in the race, what is it with these singlespeeds, what’s

the big deal?

 A: For me, riding without training wheels is a big deal… I feel like an

idiot. I ride a 3 speed. Honestly, I don’t know what the big deal is, but I

am ready to find out. BRING IT ON!!! 


Q: So housing, what is the scoop thus far? Is there much host housing

available at the moment?

 A: I have few a sweet spots here and there. If you haven’t booked

accommodations yet, email me.  Groups are difficult to place, unless they

are willing to stay super far away, like Bobby’s creepy camping compound. I

have a nice guest house for 2 in town that still available for the right

lucky riders. 


Q: Are the dorms sweet or what? Why are they so cheep?

A:OMG, I totally want to get down in the dorms. It’s like a dream/ flashback

come true. The dorms are located in town. LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION!!

School will be in session. FRESHMEN RULE!! It’s a chance to party all night,

wake up and not go to class, just in case you missed that opportunity. 


Q: What is the camping situation in Durango? Can you car camp without

getting hassled?

A:Camping in Durango proper is limited. The United Campground is a few miles

from the river trail, a bike path to town, and then a few more miles to get

to the race course. It’s an easy ride. It’s a nice facility, with a pool and

old people in RV’s. Yay shuffleboard!  You can also camp at Junction Creek-

that’s 4 miles from town. CottonWood Campground & RV park, 970-247-1977, is

located in town. Great location, but honestly, I know nothing about them.  I

have a few willing hosts that will let people camp in their yards, but I am

not so sure you can make a fire.  Bobby, a local racer and totally hot babe,

has plenty of camping on his creepy land miles, but its miles from town. 


Q: What are the best hotels to look into? Where would you stay if you were

traveling to town for the big race?

A: Since I gave up smoking crack, I can no longer recommend Spanish Trails.

If you want to drop $200+ per night, I recommend the Strater in the heart of

downtown. It’s close to my favorite 5 Star restaurants and has running

water. More reasonable accommodations, that include light breakfast are the

Comfort Inn & the Best Western. There is also the new hostel. It’s even

cheaper than the dorm  and also a great location. Most any hotel on north main is great. If you

have a question about a property, feel free to email me prior to booking. 


Q: Can you give us some contact info for those looking to ask questions? And

that booking company, what about them?

A: My email is or I will be

happy to answer your questions about hotels, hook you up with the dorm

experience or try to find you a host. Gateway Reservation is another great

resource. Gateway is a reservation service affiliated with the Chamber of

Commerce. Gateway can look for availability and rates of most local hotels &

It’s free. Call 800-409-7295 or