These Guys are Coming


7 Responses to “These Guys are Coming”

  1. Ringers…damn it. Cantador has nothing on their victory celebration dance. Take notes.

  2. I hope they don’t bring that song with them…..

  3. seems there may be a mandatory dance checkpoint

  4. Yeah, um, ringers? Hmm, I don’t know. I’m not seeing enough tutus, fairy wings or speedos to think they are really SSers. Maybe it’s some geared MTBs with derailleurs and shifters photshopped out? Perhaps roadies with SS MTB bikes photshopped in? I’m suspicious, suspicious I say!

  5. Cameron Millard Says:

    Yo, what’s up? Your site makes it difficult to contact anyone at SSWC09, so I’m posting here. I sent my check in last winter, and just realized I haven’t heard anything from anyone. Am I in, what’s the dealio?

  6., check the start list update. its somewhere on this blog

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