Dave Hagen, Course Manager, The Interview

Q: You throw tons of sweet races around Durango, whats up with that, is it your job or something? A:I have helped out at many of the NORBA Nationals and IHBC MTB races that were run in Durango. I got a job as the Team manager for the Fort Lewis College Cycling Team and that had me running Collegiate races, then I added open categories and now I am running three events a year and a Cyclocross Series.

Q: Any top secret tips on the sswc09 course? Can you reveal anything at this time? A: It will be interesting to see the gearing choices and how they work out in the end. The course climbs quite a bit and there are many extended technical sections – someone might want to run 4 gears easier that 2 to 1 (on a 26er) and some sort of rear suspension might come in handy. The course is quite different than many of the MTB courses that Durango has had over the years. The course will include some sweet singletrack with unbelievable panoramas – but don’t take your eyes of the course or you’ll be part of the panorama. The course also course travels through the finish venue twice before the finish so there will be plenty of opportunity for spectation.

Q: What are your time predictions for top man and woman finishers? How about the last people? A: I am thinking it’ll be just under 2 hours for the fast guy and probably around 2:20 for the fastest gal. I am hoping no one will be out there more than 4 hours

Q: Is this going to be a tough race? Can everyone finish? Is there going to be a time cutoff? A: The amount of climbing and technical sections will make it a hard race – the best all around rider will win. Yeah, everyone can finish but we will strongly suggesting that people that are heading out for the third leg after about three hours should think about how much longer they really should go.

Q: How about total miles and some elevation stats? A: As far as I can tell it is about 23 miles long with about 4K feet of climbing – the start is at 6700ft and the high point is almost 9000. All this a stones throw from downtown DGO.

Q: When was your first singlespeed race? How did you do? A: My first singlespeed race was a Hill Climb TT and it hurt bad. I got beat by some 14 year olds but the SS was probably faster than a geared bike.

Q: What is your 1×1 ride at the moment? Any component highlights? A: It is a Yeti ARC that I pretty much built (not a welder) when I worked there back in “92. It has the venerable 1 1/4” steer tube that is attached to a Carbon legged Specialized Judy form “94 (I think). The stem is too long and low, but that is all I can find. One thing that is a mental advantage is that my brake levers are from the days when they attached the shifter pods directly – so I shift all the time to make the pain seem less. 34×19 makes for a good gear most of the time and I don’t need a chain tensioner with that setup. I’d be very interested trying one of the new fangled rigs with disk brakes, suspension that does something and to not feel like I’m eating my front wheel the whole ride.



4 Responses to “Dave Hagen, Course Manager, The Interview”

  1. Sinn Fein Says:

    Love the couple of notched causeways with the potential 20’+ freefalls to the right – everyone ought to clean those hungover…

  2. no more of this

  3. Sinn Fein Says:

    Just trying to add to the mystique….

  4. OneSuurlyFlyy Says:

    well okay, maybe one more…

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