Custom Bike Show Has 1 Spot Left

The Run What You Brung handmade bike lookie lookie is looking for 2 more bikes to fill the showroom. Please contact Tom at if you want a spot. Here is who will be there thus far, thursday 4-7 at the Irish Embassy Pub. Curtis gets two because he went through this whole deal last year and he asked nice.

Norse, Blackcat, Retrotec/Paul Components, Edoz, StoutHeart, Shand Cycles, Bicycle Bound, Miles Bicycles, Matt Chester, True North Cycles, Independent Fabrications, 3D, Gypsy Cycles, Lynsky, Retrotec/Inglis, Bilenky Bicycle Works, Black Sheep and Soulcraft.


6 Responses to “Custom Bike Show Has 1 Spot Left”

  1. Tom, way to go and sorry I can’t make it. I’d love to get a pint and check the bikes out. Moving to the dark side.

  2. Can I pretty please have a spot at the thursday night custom bike show? I promise to ride it on saturday. Please hold a spot for Sean W. of soulcraft he will be there as well.

    Curtis Inglis

  3. If you want to put together a last-minute submission, here are some ingenious designs to inspire you.

  4. I would like to be a part of this in some way. Really I’d like to have a Kick-Ass-Cog on every bike in the showroom!

  5. I would love to be a part of the event and show one of our latest creations of prototyping fun. We have a singlespeed that is just about finished (Titanium) and has some interesting pieces on it. Oversized headtube, BB30 to name a couple.

  6. what do i need to do to grab a spot? im a stomparilla and would be runnin with that crowd. is there a fee? hooka brother up in de info dept.- thanx, A

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