Bring Your Babies

Babbies will love SSWC09. Durango has many green parks with comfortable playgrounds to let the youngins run loose in. The schedule for the week of the big race is family friendly and all ages are invited to attend SSWC09 events, except the friday night New Belgium hosting competition and the post race awards party at Ska Brewing. Both events are for age 21 and over. As for the race, there will be no age grouping and no kids race in conjuction.

Babies will love SSWC09. Bring them along to all of our events except the parties on friday and saturday. Both those events will be 21 and over only. Durango is pretty darn pro baby with tons of parks and push bikes on every corner.


4 Responses to “Bring Your Babies”

  1. is there a spare kid trailer in the mix? could be handy for us

  2. What about a kids race? Could be serious and fun!

  3. Buck: Assuming you’re serious, we have a kid trailer you could use for the weekend. Give me a call prior to then to arrange p/u.

    Sean Moore

  4. Can racers tow kids in trailers?

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