Hairball Selects Hungary’s Pete

1988 NORBA SIngle Speed National Champion, Gerg Herbold has selected Pete from Budapest, Hungary as part of SSWC09’s Euro Promotional Program. Pete has been choosen because he rsponded to the blog entry back when. We cant really remember what the whole deal was, but HB and Pete get to hang out a couple days, have lunch and beer together and a schweet schwag bag of vintage HB’s stuff. Well Played Pete. 

Controversy might arise as Hungary’s Pete is also trying to bring the 2010 version of the race to Budapest, and interestingly, HB is one of the 3 judges at fridays perliminary hosting competition. We smell trouble.

4 Responses to “Hairball Selects Hungary’s Pete”

  1. Smells fishy….You can check out the Italians’ planned venue at …looking pretty sweet.

  2. eric cudmore Says:

    Listen, Italy, Hun.gary, The 2010 SSWC is going to be in Canada.
    Ca-na-da. Just give up because I’m totally going to win whatever challenge the Durango crew has ready for us. Just kidding. But seriously, I hope its a politeness tournament or igloo building competition

  3. Canadia! aah that’d be swell, we could ride there..

  4. I hope we’re not talking about Moncton.

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