September 19th Start List

SSWC09 Start List 9-3-09


5 Responses to “September 19th Start List”

  1. Chris Lafrenais Says:


    So I get my name on the start list – yippee! Then I lose my job. ‘It’ll be alright – i’ll sort something out’ Well nothing is sorted and it isn’t alright. And I find myself entered in race I can’t afford to get to. To say i’m a bit miffed would be an understatement. Maybe cos I had such an amazing time at SSWC 08 i’m destined to pay for it this time? I thought about selling my worldly belongings and non-essential body parts to fund the trip – sense, debts and other boring important things got in the way. Whatever, I can’t make it; so some lucky bastard can have my place.



    Have a great time (sniff)…

  2. Hey man I would love to take your spot and represent your misfortune. I dont know exaxclty how this would work but Im gonna be up there with friends who already have spots.

  3. Brad Buikema/Jessica Morgan Says:

    Alas, the (as of May 29th) husband and wife power-duo of Brad “Thumper Valentine” Buikema and Jessica “White Chocolate” Morgan will be unable to attend this year’s festivities. Along with Mr. Lafrenais, our hearts are broken. We could bore you with the reasons why, but we won’t.
    So, are our entries transferable? My brother, Bryan “The Velvet Hammer” Buikema would love to throw down in Durango.
    Let me know.

  4. Brandon "Thunderbird S1" Stam Says:

    Yo, if there are any bailouts I’d love to be added to the list, I’ll be there anyways and it sounds super sick!

  5. Thank you for the entertaining read! Alright playtime is over and back to school work.

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