The Course Will be Tough

Yes the rumors are true, SSWC09 will be very hard. This is the World Championships and we have created a course that will determine the best all around singlespeeder in the world. The course map will be available on monday for you to view. It is a loop that we, the D9 Crew, would take you on if you were in town for the weekend and wanted to ride. A recent article in Mountain Bike informed the masses that it would be good for a 1:1 ration and rigid. This is not the case. The info was based on earlier generic course info that we could release at that time. Now you know, you will be challenged.

There will be straight up singletrack hiking, there will be a mile of very technical ridgeline rocky terraign, there will be steep downhills, there will be road sections seep and flat, there will be options for drops and jumps, there will be somebody around you at all times, passing or holding you up. There will also be amazing views, creative use of natural terrain, course marshals at every intersection, fans lining all the sweet sections, and close to one thousand of you all trying to make it to the finish line as fast as you can.

Take a deep breath, relax and get ready to have a good time next week. We have been planning for you about 13 months now.


16 Responses to “The Course Will be Tough”

  1. I’ll have a full size run of cogs for sale. We go all the way to 25. Holla!

  2. yo Endless,
    you’ll have them on site at the race?

  3. S.S.M is all ready . You All need to get ready . We have trails that scare the Cocks aka rosters . So get your pimp on an shave your body ,body bags are on the way . No green go carts boo hoo . All respect peace .

  4. Any chance there’s a rideshare site going anywhere?
    Or is anyone driving out from Santa Barbara, San Louis Obispo, Goleta, Ventura…

    I’m a good driver and gas splitter. and i like to ride bikes!!!


  5. A recent article in Mountain Bike informed the masses that it would be good for a 1:1 ration and rigid. This is not the case….

    Whew..good thing I’m planning to ride a 1/2:1 ration and keep it sleazy. This is going to be a cake walk.

  6. the course sounds like pure sweet awesomeness.

    ….by the way are there going to be any sweet jumps?

  7. Yeah jjohnston, we’ll have cogs for sale at the event. Spacer kits and t-shirts too! Call me if ya need one. 828-545-9712

  8. One sweet jump is on the Cuchillo downhill toward the top – there’s a little bump before the gravity cavity if you hit it right you can air it into the cavity land on the downhill and blaze up the other side (it’s quite exhilarating) – go too short or too long and you’re looking at some kind of endo…

  9. sweet jumps? uh, yah, BIG drops and STEEP ups. i rode the first half this AM and suffice to say, this course is sweet! also heard today that someone broke a spoke on the first half yesterday. i’m going to go soak me body in a warm vat of SKA IPA now…

  10. Rigid Bubba Says:

    just got done riding the 1st half… lots-o-killer views! gnarly foshizzle.

  11. Nad Radical Says:

    Rode several sections of this beast over the last couple week. There will be carnage! Lots of techy sections on R. Ridge. This is not a cake walk, these guys did their homework on laying this track out. Blunt Force Trauma all around!

  12. I’m bringing the Sledgehammer with shocks, pegs and all! Maybe.
    Check out the ride:

  13. Hanna- We are leaving from Reseda in the S.F.V on Tuesday morning the 15th. We are stopping in Flagstaff to ride and then getting to Durango on the 17th. email if interested. Jeff.

  14. Rigid Bubba Says:

    broke a spoke? perhaps some creative license with my post. sumthin’ is gonna get broke on dat course. just sayin.

  15. Rad Nadical for sure

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