Controversy May Arise

Due to things that could make the race super super epic for dfl racers, course marshals and EMT’s out on course, we will be pulling riders who do not complete the Extended Raider Ridge Loop in 2.5 hours. That is roughly the first 11 miles of the race. Those who wish to continue thereafter can have their number pulled, to be retrieved later, and may continue on at their own risk.

15 Responses to “Controversy May Arise”

  1. Negative Nellie Says:

    Don’t want to go all negative, but predict you will have to pull at least 300+ numbers. No way you get 1000 people up that ridge and down that ridge in 2.5 hours. Either should have limted the race to 500 – or start it at 10am and allow more time…just saying from a mere mortal’s perspective (who has ridden the ridge section a few times now), the log jam effect is gonna put alot of people way past that cut-off time.

  2. So I’m going to fly 2,000+ miles just to get stuck in a traffic jam on the course, and have my number pulled? Yay…

  3. Backup Plan Says:

    Sounds like the best plan is to come get your number, drink too much Friday, wander to start Saturday and after everyone races to the log-jam effect, ride over to spectate and drink more instead of get 2K in the air just to be rebuffed from an official finish – I mean if you are not going to get an official finish why even bother, go for a ride with your friends on a more enjoyable trail instead and relax with a cold one.

  4. What a bunch of whiners. Shut up and ride, bitches.

  5. Backup Plan Says:

    Exactly, ride somewhere without 981 people walking in front of you.

  6. Glen Danzig Says:

    I too have ridden (walked) the course and it is going to be an utter clusterf*ck! Bottlenecks will be omnipresent, carnage will ensue on the ridge. Poor course selection, especially given all the stellar (and rideable) trails in the area…

  7. Duck-n-cover Says:

    I’m with Polyanna. Suck it up. Or don’t and make room for the rest of us.

  8. Douche McTurd Says:

    For realz, give up your spot so I can ride.

  9. Glen Danzig Says:

    yo douche mcturd,

    we all know you have a spot to ride. f-off!

  10. Douche McTurd Says:

    Yo Glen,
    Seriously, if you don’t want to ride (walk) it, I’d be happy to. No need to get all mad about not being able to cover 11 miles in 2.5 hours…

  11. Glen Danzig Says:

    nothing said about an inability to cover 11 miles in 2+ hours. talking here about the bigger picture. as a d-town local i feel as if this course is selling our place short. nothing to braginze about. the world knows durango is the epic center of bikeridingoffroadonsingletrack. no need to prove anything else with a stupid course.

  12. Douche McTurd Says:

    Geez, dawg.

    Yep, the world recognizes Durango is the epic center of bikeridingoffroadonsingletrack. Knowing that, some folks seem to have gotten creative and worked hard to design a course that will be unique. Don’t hate. If you don’t want to ride, I’m a procrastinator from a neighboring state that’d be stoked to be in for the fun.

  13. Hahahahaaaaa! You guys sound like the hookers on 4th St., bitchin’ cause they can’t get none! HA! Worlds. Worlds? Worlds! Fuck yeah it’s a tough course…. to produce a World Champion! Scenic rides are fucking lame- If I wanted to race the scenic loop this weekend I’d go race a NORBA event.

    Funny to hear locals whining.
    ….just wanna stir your chowder a lil’. Ha!

  14. This is a course for the best “all-around” rider, not sally-single track. Shut up and ride.

  15. Rode both halves of the course at least twice in the last week. It’s a great route and I’m old and slow. Don’t get the whining. To keep things moving down the ridge—Righty tighty, Lefty loosy. Ride right, Bail left! Oh, and Shut the F@&% up and ride Donny!

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