Chris Wherry’s Last Pro Road Race this Thursday

Local professional road cyclist, Chris Wherry will be racing in Dallas Texas this thursday for his last road race of his career. Then he’s shooting back to Durango to race SSWC09. Chris won the National Championships in Philadelphia in 2005 and had a super solid career with high powered teams, Toyota-United and Saturn. 

the mountain bike awaits

the mountain bike awaits

Q: How many years have you been racing road bikes? How many mountain  

bike races have you done?

A: I’ve been racing for 25 years on the road. I’ve done only about 15  

mt. bike races in my career but one was winning the inaugural Vail 100.


Q: What’s the lowdown on this last race of yours?

A: The last official race I’m doing for my road racing career is the  

Texas Tough USA Crit Series race in Dallas TX. It’s the biggest crit  

in TX but I wish it was in Boulder CO where I started racing. I’m  

still planning on racing local races and anything that looks like  

it’s gonna be a ton of fun. I’m just not gonna race full time  

anymore. Let the fun rides begin!


Q: What gear are you running for sswc09?

A: I have no idea. Probably whatever is on my bike now. Which I also  

don’t know the answer to. Is a 53X12 too big?


Q: What is your best mtb trick? Road bike trick?

A: I’m pretty low on the trick totem pole but I like to flick small  

rocks and sticks off the trail when I’m riding. I can only do it to  

the left though. Pretty lame I know. My best road bike trick is being  

able to adjust my barrel adjuster on my rear derailer while riding  

the bike. I’ve had to do it in quit a few races over the years.


Q: If you had an hour and a half to ride from town, what route would you

take with the 1×1?

A: I’d probably do Sailing Hawks then over to Hidden Valley, to Star- 

wars, to roots, to the new dump trail, to Spirt trail.


Q: What is your current 1×1 bike setup?

A: I’m riding a full carbon Fuji, Mt fuji model. 100m Rock Shox  

Recon. It’s pretty light and stiff  which is nice for SS’n. It’s a  

bike I got from the Toyota United team and just striped the parts off  

of it. Nothing too special.


Q: Do you want the tattoo?

A: Got to be honest, don’t have any tats and not really lookin to get  

one anytime soon. So no.

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