Welcome to our Living Room.

timothy herb belrose 2009, sswc09

Jon Bailey by T. Herb Belrose SSWC09

The air is crispy on this fine southwest Colorado day. Tinted clouds hang over the San Juan Mountains. The SSWC09 race organizers are running in and out of the Durango Cyclery; hands full of flyers and cell phones, minds full of untethered excitement and paranoia.

For the past year, these fine gentlemen and ladyfolk have been shredding the dark days and grinding away the bright nights preparing for the apex of the Passion Productions’ race opus.

SS Riders from all over the world have made an exodus to Durango. This town means a lot of things to the world of cycling. I’d make you a list, but that is not why we have come here this weekend.

We are here because cycling is not all about riding bikes, it is about making a community: our beloved town welcomes you, the world, to our trails and our living rooms.

Please take a step back and appreciate all of the hard work that has gone into this event. Some of the finest artists, craftsman, photographers, musicians, designers, film producers, tattoo artists, brewers, mechanics, trail builders, businesspeople and all around bike haunches have put in 110% to make this thing fly sky high.

Forget about the race on Saturday and absorb all the culture and beauty that we have prepared for you in Durango. We love this town. Thank you all for coming to the wild west to hang out with us.

This is going to be one of the best weeks of our lives.

Herb Belrose Media Coordinator/Rad Padder/Disgraced Derby Champion

2 Responses to “Welcome to our Living Room.”

  1. Thats the spirit.

  2. Heeeeerb!

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