And it was good…


Under the threat of darkening storm clouds, brave riders took off on group rides tonight from the Cyclery. Many of you from outside of the area are beginning to get a taste of the vast network of trails surrounding our village. Reports from nether regions have brought word that the rain has been good to the earth, and that fertile, tacky loam is waiting in the hills for fresh tires to grab.

somedudeIf you have any questions about where to ride, stop in to one of the local bike shops or just ask someone riding down the street. Perhaps start a chat with a person looking cool in front of a coffee/tattoo shop. There are some secrets we may not share, but you will get pointed in a solid cardinal direction.

In SSWC09 news today, a crew led by some dude with a sweet hat and epic shorts started building the finish line area. Several trailers were brought in during the dark of night and rumors now circulate that burning-man style welded contraptions and trambampolines may have been unloaded.

The locals have reported positive interactions with the immigrating SS population. One long-time resident even reported meeting “the coolest people ever” last night.

To everyone that came here with an open-mind, thank you. We look forward to sharing more of our dirt with you in the coming days.

herb belrose

18 Responses to “And it was good…”

  1. I don’t have funny little hat! Can I still participate?

  2. rode hermosa creek with my nebraska homies

  3. Balls deep.
    Money talks.

    Reno rollin’ in tomorrow. Can’t wait to play! Wish we were there now.


  4. Shuttle Runs down Champion that end in darkness are not cool with out lights. On a better note, finally found the f’n package store.

  5. homebrewedcomponents Says:

    C Brown must be from New England… I havent heard the term “package store” since i left Connecticut.

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