A Correction from the Editor.

On Saturday, the SSWC09 blog reported that Jacquie Phelan placed third in the women’s division of the Main Event.

The cycling world was upended by the news of this extraordinary comeback. The fact of the matter is that Jacquie did not cross the finish line in third place, nor did she cross the finish line at all.

Here at the SSWC09, we do not count anyone but the first man and woman to cross the finish line. Every person noted in our official results was there for reasons beyond the realm of ordinary pedal work.

Jacquie Phelan did not place third in the pedal race, but she placed first in Wacky Awesomeness, and thus claimed third place behind Harriet Tubman, who finished first in Shreddy Gnarliness.

Jacquie Phelan, First in Wacky Awesomeness, by T. Herb Belrose.

Jacquie Phelan, First in Wacky Awesomeness, by T. Herb Belrose.

3 Responses to “A Correction from the Editor.”

  1. […] Photo jacquie phelan, timothy herb belrose as seen on SSWC09 site […]

  2. I miss Jacquie’s Banjo tunes dancing in my head
    by myself on the side of a hot, dry Vine Yard, that’s right Vine Yard.
    I am so excited to receive the news that she took 3rd Toon Place at SSWC09.
    My cat Yancey was so flabbergasted when she heard that she cut a back flip in the kitchen.
    All smart people in Stockholm come hither to and get yer arses to NZ.
    What about our children Jacquie? What happened in State College on that ridge was real. How soon we forget…..

  3. jacquiephelan Says:

    SO it’s true I’m a mother!? .Up until now, I’ve told folks who ask me whether I have any children:
    “None that I know of”.
    Since there are a couple of years in my life that are still unaccounted for, and so now I know

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