!VIVA NEW ZEALAND SSWC10! Italy gets destroyed in final showdown.


An Italian player neckchops his teammate while NZ scores.

After a grueling, no-holds-barred SSWC basketball showdown, New Zealand emerged victorious over Italy 42-37.

The New Zealand squad played 40 minutes of diehard b-ball and exhibited stellar passing, blocking and rebounding. Italy fell behind early in the first half, and despite their efforts in making a late come-back, they shamefully let their fellow countrymen down.

New Zealand Rocks the Jumpshot

New Zealand Rocks the Jumpshot

Jubilation in Durango after New Zealand takes the next SSWC home.

Jubilation in Durango after New Zealand takes the next SSWC home.

14 Responses to “!VIVA NEW ZEALAND SSWC10! Italy gets destroyed in final showdown.”

  1. Awesome effort. Thanks for the ring-ins who helped the NZ team. John your a star! Are you ready to take Freddy world-wide?

  2. Well done John. Good to see the ANZAC spirit still lives!! Bring back Freddy in 2010.

  3. […] to come back, as RotoVegas will be hosting the SSWC next September.  Who said Kiwis were crap at basketball? Posted in Uncategorized […]

  4. […] won the right to hold the SSWC here next year by slam dunking Italy for the […]

  5. I’ll be there! wOoT!!

  6. […] that Team Italy was stacked with New Zealand backers…the result was a pretty predictable pummeling. It just so happened to take some 5hrs to life for it all to play out. […]

  7. There CLEARLY wasn’t enough STREAKING! 😉

  8. Funniest and funnest thing I’ve ever done. John, the bar has been set by the Durango crew, here’s hoping you find a way to top it down under.
    – Molteni

  9. ….I can’t believe that fat fuck next to me stole my SSWC09 pint glass while we were celebrating that NZ win…I bet he is the one stealing bicycles in Durango as well…asshat anti-cyclist basketball court sweeper retard

  10. Editor I took a pict of Rad Ross at the startingline could you use it

  11. Kaveh: the camel jockey Says:

    Any chance to seeore b-ball photos? I would like a copy of some for the collection. D9 crew, thanks for a great four days! Thanks.

  12. […] day, you’re just sitting there living in the city that isn’t the host of the 2010 World Singlespeed Championships and the next day, BAM! you are!  What’s got two thumbs and is apoplectic with excitement? […]

  13. Cool! How do I sign up?

  14. profound apologies that the weather-worn bitches of Dirt Church (Rich, Dave, Sam, Ricky) couldn’t make it this year. Court battles & legal fees left over from SSWC’s 04, 05, 06, 07, 08…. we’ll be in NZ. No restraining orders!

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