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  1. stu beaumont Says:

    if I read that right you assholes let more non racers on the course than racers! no wonder there was a long line getting up that first hike a bike. let the racers go first!

  2. shut the fuck up

  3. Wow – it’s all over and you’re still crying.

    If you were faster, you could have been in front of the hikers. The first hundred or two got to ride all but a few hundred feet of that trail.

    Thanks for coming. Now go home.

  4. How do you give the DFL (dead fucking last) prize to a guy on a unicycle??? Seems rather rigged and gay to me…

  5. I was one of the last through the half-way point before 2.5hrs and had just passed the awesome work of the unicyclist… I wouldn’t doubt that he really did rock the DFL for reals. Pre-riding Raiger Ridge the day before took way less than 2.5hrs, so the hike a bike cluster-walk/smokeout-a-thon was definitely a plus and/or thorn in everyone’s side.

    My first race in over 15 years. I’d say one of the best events I’ve been to in quite some time!

    Congrats folks! I’m hooked and already at looking at tickets to NZ next year! 😀

  6. So, in the Herald video Ross admits to “taking a few pain pills” before the race… Doper!

    Just kidding… Pretty unreal that the dude won the thing with a broken hand! He is “rad”!

  7. Dopers Win. The best cycling event ever!

  8. SSWC09 supports Rad Ross’s libertarian stance on pain pills. Ed.

  9. Yeah jackass, if you wanted the tattoo, you should have been first. Why be an asshole and race for 423rd place when you can enjoy yourself?!

    Incredible event! Thanks to everyone involved, you guys rule!

  10. Hey Gang that was the most fun! First race ever, not sure if I should do any other (unless SSWC10) don’t want to spoil the memory. thanks for making it so fun.
    could you add my name to the start list
    I can’t find it.

  11. Mr. Wiggins: Get your facts straight before you sling homophobic insults at us.

    Unicycle dude did not get the DFL award. He beats tons of people on two wheels.

    Now that the record is straight, let the fat slob we gave it to enjoy his moment of shame.


  12. Greg n Preskit Says:

    Best fukken race ever. You DGO peeps are solid. Solid as a rock. Solid Gold. And the chick in the gold glitter hot shorts that I chased all the way down the Gulch and got SMOKED by… more solid gold.

  13. Rad butter on your toast. Says:

    By far the best and worst time I’ve ever had on a bike. Thanks to the crew for putting on such a remarkable event and to mostly everyone who showed up — save you, dude who nearly wrecked my trying to pass like no seconds from the finish but who later blew the corner — from bringing the noise, both on and off the bikes. And thanks to homeboy, who, when I had a flat at the bottom of the last climb and watched the people streak by, asked me: Do you want water or a beer?

    Beer, I said. Fuck this noise. Race is almost over. I’m going to sit here and change this flat and watch the world go by, one nice frame after another.

    Funny, how even the most raced-faced-out bastard will smile when you say: Nice frame and nice legs.

    This race, to me, is what riding a bike is. It’s hard and it’s fun and you kick ass and you get your ass kicked and there is always something waiting. Smiles. Beers. Rock Drops. Hot women from Fruita in Granny Panties (big ups, Hot Tomato ladies — I’m crashing on your couch soon) and so on.

    It’s soul. Now who was whining about standing around? I’ll tell you right now: I went out hot and I still got my teeth kicked by the course and the people on it. When The Cop Girl passed me 1/3 in I arrested in the cardiac manner.

    It doesn’t matter where you are, the SS bites you.

    HOLLA BACK DURANGO CREW. Great work, everyone. CHEERS to bikes and pain and beer and wrecks and well-timed flats.

    Telluride, Colo.

  14. Hey it was fun. Thanks Durango! The town were gracious hosts.

    The pre-party was great.

    The hike-a-bike was a lame brain-fart idea no doubt! I forgot about it when we got on Extended.

    This “web site” blog BS was a major brain-fart-soiled-shorts idea from the get-go. Shoulda got a real web site damn it. NZ don’t blow it like this. Shit!

    Ska makes good beer, they be a bit uptight though. Seemed like no employee wanted to be there. No way to get cash for food, duh!! How bout some thrashing music??

    No swag for the $35 and coming all the way to Colo-rad-bro. And hard any SSWC requerdos to even buy.

    Anyone think I’m a curmudgeon (sp?) Well someone has to say something with all the bro-brahs and how cool it is to swill PBR and can do no wrong by supposedly being “wrong” you see all over this “website” here. I like to take a shower and ride a geared bike and eat salad too. So what..

    I had a great weekend. Totally worth it. So get real: not everything is goof-balls living the SS hipster fun time all the time OK? Take the smooth with the crunchy and do it better, not commercial fascist, next time.

  15. Ka fuckin KAAAA!!!!!
    COuldn’tA, WouldN’tA ShOuldN’ta been anywhere else but DurRRRHangOVER this past week. IF ANYONE knowz how to toss a big fat FUCKING A-game of an Event, it’s the Durango Gango.
    I loved every last blood sweat tear beer smoke & laugh soaked moment.
    Love u guyz & galz, miss u already.
    NZ – u may want to hire a professional organizing committee – cause I’ll put the $35 that us sassy lassies didn’t have to pay – down on the fact that no one will be able to hold a candle…..
    OH, & StU BEAUmont – go ride your bike, maybe buy yourself some gearz so it’s not so fuckin HARD, whAAH, & perhaps sign up for somethin a little more your SPEEEED next time.
    We will not not SToMP.

  16. Wow Jose. You want us to stop being commercial fascists while also getting a “real” website in order?

  17. Jose would also like for NZ to have a whole lot of non-commercial stuff for him to purchase…

  18. stu beaumont Says:

    whoa bros and hos

    I rode the whole time save that first hikeabike man, massive hangover notwithstanding. I totally rocked my Spot rigid 29er 32×18 dressed as a princess/ninja/devil/penguin/zombie/pirate/pimp/gorilla/band geek! i want to give a shout out to my bitches who put on this race from doo-rag-goathead, colon-ragoo who gave me a sweet beer coozie and a Carl yastrzemski baseball card whose mustache I got tattooed as a tramp stamp! cannot wait til NZ where I will be attempting the course with a live sheep attached with Velcro strips on my top tube with my other steel rigid tube getting lube if ya know what I mean crackers.

    keep it real, keep it steel. peace out

  19. Herb – who was the fat slob you gave the DFL prize to? My friend was the last guy to finish under the time cuts. We were all there to watch. (drunk, but we were there with cameras…)

  20. Hey Mark-

    I checked around last night, and no one could remember the name of the dude that won DFL. The best answer I got was “a friend of Bill’s…”

    Then we discovered the official DFL belt under one of the desks in the SSWC09 office! So, in actuality, the prize went unclaimed this year…


  21. gud answer(s) STu – see u & the rest O U biaT-chez in NZ

  22. In-fucking-sane, All-Star Rookie in the big show, fat bowl of Apple Jacks, warm socks on cold feet good times. Ridiculously P-H-fat props to the D-Town crew for rockin’ the freewheel world. This wasn’t an event but rather an experience. Propers.

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