SSWC09 Crime Report: Please Return the Wheelset.

Someone doesn't know it, but they miss these wheels BAD.

Someone doesn't know it, but they miss these wheels BAD.

During our awards ceremony on Saturday, a man wearing an orange jacket walked up behind the stage, grabbed these $800 wheels with white Stan’s rims and King ISO disc hubs and disappeared into the fray.

This wheelset was donated by Bike29, a company that thrilled us with their generosity toward the SSWC09.

We were about to give these out as a prize when they disappeared. When the winner got on stage, we probably gave them some crappy t-shirt or a sticker instead of the 29er SS wheels of their dreams.

Here at SSWC09, we believe in redemption. If you have these wheels and feel bad about stealing them, or perhaps you don’t want to face the music when we see you riding them on our trails, bring them back to the Durango Cyclery in the middle of the night. Put them under the bench or something.

We are offering a no-questions-asked policy on the return of these wheels.

Do the right thing.


3 Responses to “SSWC09 Crime Report: Please Return the Wheelset.”

  1. Usually if someone steals something is because they want it and will keep, sell, trade for drugs etc.

  2. yeah, good, drugs good, stealing ok, yah…. It makes it sound so justified. Some one knows this guy, no doubt…

  3. now the crew will be rolling around with 6 feet of chain… to lock up the wheels,. just in case.

    i hope they return!

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