SSWC09 Official Book: Please Take Our Poll

We at Passion Productions think this weekend was a stellar success. During all of the events, some very fine photographers and artists contributed their time and skills to document the event and make SSWC09 the ultimate eyegasm.

We have been talking with some of the photographers, artists, writers and designers about publishing a book. If you would be interested in purchasing one, please let us know in this poll. This information will be very useful when it comes time to print.

Thanks- Passion Productions and SSWC09.


10 Responses to “SSWC09 Official Book: Please Take Our Poll”

  1. I would love to buy a book, but it hinges on price of course. I’m thinking the $15 to $20 range is quite reasonable. Also, it would be really nice if I could buy it online.

  2. Online polls are fruity….

  3. Norse is fruity. But that’s beside the point. Include the DVD with the book and I’m sold.

  4. Sounds like a great idea. I may have a couple photos you could use, really good ones!

  5. demononwheels Says:

    if theres a good price for a good product its always a good idea, norse is right even though he is fruity

  6. I’m in, except this time … please let me edit the damn thing before it goes to print.

    Double D – Editor at Large

  7. Make it limited, 100 to 300 copies and do it every yr.

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