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Cycle Squawk Wrap Up Show

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Today from 1130 to 12pm, Cycle Squawk, KDUR Durango’s very own cycling talk show, will be live on air to talk just a little more about the sweetness that occurred. Check in at 91.9 and 93.9fm or on the computer at Peace.

Article from the Denver Post

Mountain Flyer Magazine story


Trailwork on Thursday

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There will be a trailwork day this thursday with the D9 crew and  Trails 2000 from 4-7pm. To jump in, meet at the Skyline Trail with your clothes on. Get there from the end of Jenkins Ranch Road. In an amazing feet of trail sustainability, the track is in great condition with most of the damage being trail widening on the Skyline climb/hike. Take note that 2000 riders over the SSWC09 track left little long term damage. For those attending the thursday group ride, please meet at the trailwork party at 630. We’d like to thank Trails 2000 for the help with the easement that allowed us to race along Raider Ridge and the fresh rideable track that took off 15 minutes of hiking. That course was bad.