Boys Drool

Here are the top 20;

1. Ross Schnell, 2. Matt Shriver, 3. Carl Decker, 4. Ned Overend, 5. Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski, 6. Joey Thompson, 7. Carlos Creme, 8. Aren Timmel, 9. Whit Johnson, 10. Cale Redpath, 11. Travis Sheefer, 12. Nathan Miller, 13. Josh Kelley, 14. Mitchel Hoke, 15. Skyler Trujillo, 16. Cameron Brenneman, 17. Trevor Downing, 18. Drew Edsall, 19. Gregg Stone, 20. Brian Reipe


14 Responses to “Boys Drool”

  1. 10nayshussG Says:

    Any chance of seeing how the best of the rest of us did?Had a blast!Great course!Thanks to all the Duragonians who made it happen!

  2. Ricky Bobby Says:

    If you ain’t first, you’re last. You know, you know what I’m talking about?
    Thank you all for your time and work in planning, organizing, and hosting the events. You did a phenomenal job. That was a ridonkulous weekend.

  3. If you were there, you won!

  4. Cliff Huxtable Says:


  5. While it would be nice to see everyones name # and finish time I don’t believe this would be a realistic request. I for one would like to know my personal time, but sat around the finish area for about half an hour or more consuming beer before I asked anyone. what time they had. After dislocating the shoulder on the ridge and rolling across the finish line with minimal feeling in the arm I can honestly say I accomplished the course.

    How about a DNF list with times. Friend lost two CR bolts and was cut out of the race at the 11 mile mark. Most likely for the best with the mechanical and the fact he was spent.

    To all that were there it was a great event and I’d be up for a second lap…

  6. Any ideas who was first on fully rigid?? my buddy will inverso probably!! Durango rules and so does bike polo, in stompa love niRad

  7. does your race time really matter when you spent a good half hour standing in a line going up the trail?

    my time? don’t care.
    my place? don’t care.

    it was a blast, kudos to the durango crew that put on the race. it was a great feeling riding through all the fans, you could hear them for a good 10 minutes before you even got to them.

    thanks durango!

  8. Henry & Amy = FIRST tandem! And, sadly, the only tandem…

  9. Great race hard course fast guys still won—-cool

  10. For 9th place…My name is MERIWETHER! (aka. Whit Johnson) not MeriNether, although that is pretty funny…

  11. I’m impressed with the fact that the top twenty are listed (yeah Gregg Stone!). In Scotland they listed the top four or five and just said that “everyone else did really, really well”, which I think pretty much sums it up.

    You want accurate timing and results – go do a Kenda Cup or whatever.
    You want a huge amount of time and effort put into the best week of riding, partying, and racing ever…come to SSWCs.

    Thanks to The D9 crew, all subsequent SSWCs will be measured against this one.


  12. Marshall Hance Says:

    There’s nothing wrong with wanting to know how one finished in a race. The pretense that “SSWC is NOT what you want it to be, it’s something that fit’s nicely folded in this little box” is a crock of shit. SSWC is whatever the organizers and participants together put into it, and what the individual takes away from it. I would love perfectly recorded results (especially having placed 6th in Scotland and having word that I placed 21st this year); but if the organizer doesn’t offer that, I respect that as their choice in this silly decentralized event.

  13. The party was a blast, whether you arrived 1st

    Or later

    Great job organizers and racers!

  14. […] news from abroad: Ross Schnell has won the Single Speed World Championships 2009 (check for details). And that noone would think of a hoax in the future, he received […]

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