Buff Pleasuredome scores 5 straight goals in Spingle Seed World Championship Win!

In one of the most dramatic and passionate games in Women’s Polo History, Buff Pleasuredome members Anne Cheeney, Jess Reed, Sabina Kraushaar and Helen Lee defeated the Slammin’ Sistas after coming back from an 0-2 deficit early in the game.

The Slammin’ Sistas players, Shannon Gibson, Jenn Gersback, Terina Tafoya and Rebecca Tomawiski, could not contain Buff Pleasuredome’s dynamic offensive strikes. Pleasuredome kept heavy pressure on the net and kept the Sistas on defense for most of the second half of the game. Sistas’ team member Rebecca Tomawiski played courageous Polo throughout the match and asserted herself as one of the top Polo players in the western conference.

Buff Pleasuredome is now preparing to defend their international SSWC09 Polo Crown next year in New Zealand.

Click to enlarge photos:

One Response to “Buff Pleasuredome scores 5 straight goals in Spingle Seed World Championship Win!”

  1. awesome job on keeping the updates coming! what a week !!!!

    for you Flickr users, i made a SSWC09 Durango group to share photos!


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