To Catch a Thief

We the D9 crew ask if you could all please check your cameras and film for the thief that walked off with the donated Sweet Bike 29 wheel set. The wheel box was taken after the awards on saturday night with Ross and Heather on stage, receiving their Fizik saddles. The man was said to be wearing an orange jacket, possibly a rain coat, a messenger bag and around 5 feet 9 inches in height. The box was to the left of the stage when it was taken. The time of the heist was approximatley between 1030-1130pm. There will be some sort of sweet award for the capture of the criminal.

Dirt Rag was there

Photos from the Ridge


8 Responses to “To Catch a Thief”

  1. Clockwork Orange Says:

    I was at the party for a while, standing underneath the hoop nearest to the beer stand…unfortunately wearing an orange wind jacket. I never made it to the stage and I left soon after the hoops began with my two buds that can attest we left empty handed.

    I checked my film and dont see the scumbag that stole the wheels, and I hope everyone else does the same. The person who took them should be arrested and banned from any future SSWC’s.

    My race number was 272 in case you want to talk to me. (I”ll even send a picture my buddy took of me that night to clear myself)
    Also, I returned my bike to 2nd Ave Sports on Sunday night to be shipped back…I’m sure its still there if anyone needs to examine my lame-oh wheels.

    The SSWC was hands down the best bike event I’ve ever been to, and It makes me sick to think that someone might think I had something to do with this theft.

  2. Catch him and “THE CLAW” will return for an execution-style beat down. Thieves are not tolerated when it comes to bicycles. Period.

    Double D

  3. I’ll get Captain Larry on film check! Check.

  4. Post photos of them on MTBR and other websites. Those wheels really stand out so there is a good chance someone will see them on a bike or for sale.

    The weak loser who stole them will hopefully be brought to justice soon. Durango still utilizes their gallows right?

  5. So, they ever catch that thief?!

  6. I saw this ad and though I should let you guys know:

  7. Karma will catch that phucker!

    Sorry STW keep lookin’.

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