Women Rule

Here are the top 20 women;

1. Heather Irmiger, 2. Shonny VanLandingham, 3. Kelli Emmett, 4. Dellys Star, 5. Jen Gersbach, 6. Lynda Wallenfels, 7. Jess Reed, 8. Christina Begy, 9. Karen Tremaine, 10. Sarah Tescher, 11. Lyra Parker, 12. Rebecca Tomawicki, 13. Linden Lane, 14. Kristen Johnson, 15. Irene Mercer, 16. Shanon Gibson, 17. Amy Hermes, 18. Hillary Hienton, 19. Jona Bollinger, 20. Julie Trimble

3 Responses to “Women Rule”

  1. Hillary Hienton Says:

    What an amazing race!!!!! It was such a great time, well organized, and the fans rocked! I love the beer smell that stuck to me through Tuesday of this week. It brought back memories of the suffering and bliss I experienced.

  2. so Hurdy… what do you think, SSWC10 New Zealand? is Jefe up for it?!?!?

  3. tracey in salida Says:

    I want to let you gals know that I did not ride the whole course to receive 8th place. I went back into town after leaving Ruthie M. 😉 (snicker) & being dropped by Evil Kim (uggh) on the first section of single track after the college. Wanting to watch the finish and wait around for my slow ass husband, scoty in salida, I asked where was the finish line was and ended up being back on course. http://tinyurl.com/y8ogpyl before the beer hand off!

    Thanks for the awesome event! Christina, kick ass job getting 8th place!

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