Volunteer Party on Monday

Yo Team. There will be a volunteer/post sweetness party out at Ska Brewing at 530pm on monday the 28th. If you were involved in producing any of the SSWC09 action, please come and talk about it with us. We the D9 crew are so very appreciative of the people that came to lend us a hand throughout the entire process. That thing was a giant beast of an event and we all made it look and feel tasty together. We’ll see you there.

8 Responses to “Volunteer Party on Monday”

  1. Big, big thanks to everyone involved with SSWC09. I’ve been to the last 5 and this one was by far the biggest, making your tasks even harder. Durango made it look smooth and easy but most of us know there had to be a hell of a lot of hard work going on to do that. From the course to the events to the people, it was top notch all the way. Major props.

  2. How did Chad’s feet get so big?

  3. Thank you registration volunteers!


  4. Hey y’all. Have a rocking party, you deserve it. Wish I could be there but hands across the divide from Bonny Scotland.

    Never did locate my dairy fresh French Miami vinyl but still have the download to soundtrack my memories of a sweet time in Durango, CO.

    Peace out.

  5. Hey Ya’ll. Have to dito Hamish here! Hey Hamish! You all put on a really incredible event that I am so happy to have been a part of. You folk are all welcome to Asheville, NC any time. I’ll hook ya up with a place to stay and show you some kick-ass trails to ride. Holla any time!

  6. Does anyone know/have where I can find find pictures of the pre party? I was one of the riders dirt jumping and noticed 100’s of photographers and no pictures 2 weeks later…. All of us were looking forward to sweet shots and are all disappointed

  7. soon man, i hear ya

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