Last Minute Random Photos » DSCF1562

2 tickets to SSUSA 2010 have yet to be given out. Part of our secret plan. If you want em, contact us.

12 Responses to “DSCF1562”

  1. Az . Is only Sixteen hours down from Id. Im ready to help out D.J an his hard crew . Let’s get it on . Peace Love Respect / Punch it !

  2. Yes please!

    What do I have to do to get on of these?

  3. On? on something! I mean one…

  4. when and where is SSUSA 2010? any info ?

  5. I’ll gladly take a golden ticket for an other awesome ride. I am sure it won’t kick ass as much as Durango. Let’s one speed it in AZ.

  6. eww eww…I want em!

  7. we will give away 4 of those bad boys this upcoming month, on this very blog.

  8. we are giving these away soon, on this very blog

  9. The add for the race is in the event mag, i believe its in may and in tuscon, az

  10. Braaaaaap! AZ from Seattle, making it rain!

  11. Uhh. I NEEEEED to go to NZ and will proudly represent our town and country. Plus I dig wool sox

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