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Broncos won to open the season. Currently 4-0

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  1. To Whom It May Concern

    I am an avid cyclist riding my bike ALL year long. I have a great respect for the racer, casual cyclist, all event organizers and responsible person’s who contribute honourably to the alliance of the world of cycling; whether it be an event – race – barbecue or fundraiser.
    I annually attend The 24 hours of Adrenaline World Solo Championship races, TransRockies Challenge Races, Alberta Biking Assocation races throughout Alberta and The Banff Bike Fest.
    If ANYONE – EVER needs an announcer or help at their event Please feel free to email me; facebook me (Larry Melnik) (Crazy Larry of Banff – Groups)
    I am presently working on a NEW KICK BUTT announcing system that will add ENORMOUSLY to the flavour and ambience promoting more fun encouraging all to attend various cycling events world wide.
    Please contact Crazy Larry at
    Read – ‘About Crazy Larry’ (right hand side mid page
    AND – “My Pledge’ (top of page)

    There is some contact information there on the right hand side of the page along with various fun video’s of me.
    There is a LIVE TV appearance VIDEO, too! It was done with the good and super friendly people at Access Network launcing their NEW SHOW called ‘Alberta Prime Time’ – TV. Ch#13 cable.

    I AM extremely excited to hear from anyone wishing to enable me to acheive my endeavours sooner; for the sake of ALL cyclist who have already started cycling or are interested in learning.

    High Five!

  2. Nice man. we could have used you for sure. keep up the love and maybe we can meet at a future passion productions event.

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