SSWC09 Course Map

The race will be saturday morning at 11am from the Durango Cyclery, on 13th street and Main Avenue. The entire race is a stones throw from downtown and should be easy to get out and spectate. Please be cautious when out on the course prior to race day. There are a lot of trail users out there and several  sections of the course are run in reverse on race day. Course Map

It is about 22 miles we think. We are planning at a 2hour winning time with DFL being 5. The course is marked with orange fagging and can be best accessed through the Horse Gulch trailhead. The Power line trail is where the race begins once we have ridden through the town portion of the course. To practice, head to the powerline trail and head north. It is a steep up and down course and most of the locals are running 2-5 easier on a 26inch 2:1 set up. There is the highly acclaimed 2.5mile Raider Ridge Trail that will be super sweetly tough, be prepared to focus. The Raider Ride loop rides through the finish area and then heads out to the Horse Gulch trail network. You can get water before you head out for the final section. We will not have feeds. You must bring what you need. We will have course marshals at like 30 spots on course as well as 10 emergency honches. 

8.28.09 Course Map

the whole loop

First 4 miles

the first 4 miles

mile 12-19

the horse gulch section

14 Responses to “SSWC09 Course Map”

  1. what does ‘running 2-5 easier on a 26inch 2:1 set up.’ mean?

  2. Bring your technical skills or your running shoes.

  3. Get Ready Ladies and Gentlemen, this is going to be one of the sickest and sweetest rides of your life!!!

  4. lennygoodell Says:

    Think of 2:1 as baseline 0, i.e. 32×16. Then 2-5 easier means 2-5 teath easier which in SS talk is +2 to +5, ie 32×18 to 32×21. Sounds like alot of fun pain!! See ya all on Wednesday afternoon!!

  5. Bring your technical skills AND your running shoes

  6. platform pedals and hiking boots = way to go.

  7. You’re all gay.

  8. Dan I’ll bring a rubber for you.

  9. Umm, hiking shoe, nope. Have a semi hiking shoes that flexy with cleats. It’s Specialized Buzzsaw! Awesome shoes. Anyway, I am running 34-20 on my twenty niners. Is dat gud?

    How many laps is the race?

  10. uhh, ain’t no cleats on a platform peddle…

  11. Dan, that’s why the course will be marked with “orange fagging”. You’re Mile Marker Number One, BTW.

  12. Hi,

    I need an entry form apparently…. I am riding the race for a friend who can’t make it. He’s given me his writen permission and I’ve emailed someone official about this… but I need the entry form emailed to me.

    Thanks, I apprecaite the help.

    Best regards,
    Brett Lindstrom

  13. you can always trust those high tech running shoes developed by adidas or nike, they are expensive but they are very good `-.

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